November 8-10th
at This Wonderful Place Retreat Center
in Morrisville, Vermont

Imagine a weekend, just for you, where you can...

  • Pause your busy life and actually listen to your body and what it needs

  • Talk openly about your period + your hormones without feeling embarrassed or rude

  • Start each day with soul-nourishing meditations and playful yoga classes

  • Have delicious, healthy meals made FOR YOU + take a dip in a hot tub whenever you need

  • Learn my #1 women’s health care tool - how to track your own cycle!


  • Learn how to use reusable period products (the good, the better, the uhhh is this normal?!)


  • Create a hormone-healthy home + beauty routine 


  • And learn how to nourish your hormones and live in alignment with your body

At the ALIGN Retreat, this can be your reality.

On this retreat you'll tap into the sacred rhythms of your body, explore + enhance your innate sensuality, and learn how to align your life with your body so that you can finally experience the freedom and confidence that comes from being in-tune with your body and deeply knowledgeable about your cycle.

This retreat will empower you to...

  • Stop fighting your feminine hormonal shifts and start designing your life around them so that you can magnetically attract your dream life.

  • Love your menstrual cycle and use it to learn more about the well-being of your body. Learn how to stop viewing your period as an unspeakable inconvenience and instead harness its power to live a bold, wild life.

  • Step into your sensual nature - not for the goal of sexual pleasure, but for the intention of soulful, personal delight. Explore why sensuality is different than sexuality and how to tap into your sensual being.

  • Have clear skin, more comfortable periods, ​and better (safe!) sex without birth control hormones or prescription medications.

  • Live your life as a sacred, sensual ritual fully connected to your body and the world around you.

Ready to finally live in alignment with you body?


Get all the details on registration, what's included, payment plans, & more...

a sneak peek at the schedule...


  • ALIGN Retreat Kick-Off Celebration​​

  • Intention Setting + Let It Go Fire Ritual

  • Yoga + Movement Practice

  • Divine Feminine Meditation + Breast Health Massage

    • *We will be learning the nationally recognized breast health massage to increase lymph flow & assist in preventing breast cancer!​

  • Tracking Your Cycle (whether your on birth control hormones or not!)

    • For clearer skin, more comfortable periods, natural birth control, disease prevention​, & to FINALLY  live in alignment with your body.


  • Morning Meditation

  • Sensuality vs. Sexuality

  • How-To Harness Your Sensuality

  • Yoga + Movement Practice

  • How-To Align Your Life With Your Hormones

    • For less stress, better sex, clearer skin, + the best periods of your life​


    • Our main event for the weekend!​

    • A cleansing, celebratory event for every woman who had a shitty first period experience, who's ever been embarrassed or ashamed of her period, and who's ready to break free from the taboos and embrace her cycle as the powerful, insightful gift it is!

    • Nightlighting: Your Period, Fertility, + The Moon


  • Morning Meditation

  • Non-Toxic Home + Beauty Products for Hormone Happiness

  • Creating Simple Habits to Magnetically Attract Your Dreams

  • Yoga + Movement Practice

  • ALIGN Retreat Closing Ceremony featuring:​​

    • the Sensuality Showcase to shine a light on the sacred, sensual female within you.

    • Intention Revival + Renewal

    • Blaze of Glory Fire Ritual Finale

Ready to finally live in alignment with your body?


Get all the details on registration, what's included, payment plans, & more...



Pay In Full: $550

*includes lodging, food, gifts, & all activities and workshops



          Payment Plans:

             3 Payments of $185


              6 Payments of $95




              9 Payments of $65






Register by September 8th and receive the following FREE gifts...

Two 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions with Brandy

 One session prior to the retreat and one to follow to ensure that you get the most out of the

 retreat content and are able to confidently incorporate it into your own life!

*Following registration, please look for an email from Brandy to be sent within 48 hours

 in regards to accessing your free bonus gifts!

Questions? We've got answers.

1. For the payment plans, can I set up a payment schedule?

Yes, each payment plan has its own pre-determined payment schedule. Those choosing the 3 payment option will be charged monthly, the 6 payment option will be charged twice monthly, and the 9 payment option will also be charged twice monthly. Please contact us directly if you require an alternate payment structure.

2. What are the sleeping arrangements?

Guest rooms feature shared accommodations ranging from 2 beds to 4 beds per room. Special room available with enclosed sleeping quarters, aka snore pods, for noisy sleepers or folks looking to have a more private sleeping arrangement. Each guest room is uniquely designed and inspired by different musicians like Prince, David Bowie, & more!

3. Tell me more about the retreat venue!

This Wonderful Place is an eclectic retreat center located in the countryside of Vermont. The retreat grounds include an adorable farmhouse with all of the sleeping quarters, full kitchen & dining room, communal gathering space, multiple bathrooms, and a - wait for it - STEAM ROOM SHOWER! On the grounds you'll also find a charming porch overlooking the rolling hills, outdoor hot tub, and furnished barn + yoga studio. To learn more about This Wonderful Place visit their website here.

4. I have dietary restrictions, what will we be eating?

This Wonderful Place will be providing us with a personal chef for the entire weekend who will be cooking us fresh, healthy meals with as many locally-sourced ingredients as possible. We will reach out prior to the retreat to inquire about dietary restrictions and food preferences for meals during the retreat. *Note from Brandy - I have had the pleasure of leading workshops during other retreats at This Wonderful Place and the food was AMAZING! Homemade biscuits, an oatmeal bar, a rainbow of fresh fruit, creamy grits, chocolate covered blueberries, and more - YUM.


5. I've never done yoga, am on hormonal birth control, love using tampons + pads, or am going through menopause. Will I fit in and feel comfortable on this women's retreat?

YES! The yoga and movement classes offered as a part of this retreat will be all-levels classes with options to do whatever you need to do to feel good and have fun in your body. As for birth control and periods - While I love talking about fertility awareness, natural birth control, and sustainable periods, I also respect every woman's right to choose the methods that best fit her lifestyle.The goal of this retreat is to create safe spaces for women to talk about their bodies and topics deemed taboo like our periods and sex lives. Our hope is that you learn something new (because maybe you don't want to be on birth control foreverrrrr) and explore how to embrace your feminine nature and move forward into the lifestyle that feels best for you. Essentially - do you, girl! And, if you're going through, or have already gone through menopause, the experience provided on this retreat is important for women of all ages - especially mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and sisters who leave lasting impacts on the young women in their lives and the way in which they view their bodies, sensuality, and period health. 

6. What do I need to bring on the retreat?

Comfy, stretchy clothes for yoga classes and any clothes that allow you to feel like a sacred, sensual female. A reusable water bottles, a bath towel, and slippers are also great items to bring with you. If you have a yoga mat, great! If not the retreat venue has plenty. The retreat venue will also supply bedding and other daily essentials. Please feel free to bring the snacks, teas, etc that you would like to have with you while on retreat.

About Brandy

Hi! I'm Brandy, your playful retreat leader. I love talking about periods, your hormones, and how to tap into the wisdom of your body to transform the way you live your life. With years of experience leading women's retreats, I'm excited to use this retreat to take on taboo topics like menstruation, sensual wellness, and living in alignment with our bodies (rather than the no pain, no gain, you can sleep when you're dead way of living).

I have found incredible empowerment and freedom in being able to connect with my body's natural rhythms. Since I began tracking my hormonal cycle and aligning my life with my body back in 2014 I have been able to regulate my periods (read: lighter flow + less cramps!), better prevent cystic acne, prevent pregnancy naturally without birth control hormones, and more deeply connect to my sensual being. And, I want to help you do the same!

When I'm not busy leading retreats and workshops you can catch me dancing, singing, watching Parks & Rec on repeat, and telling everyone I know about periods, cycle tracking, and how important pooping is for your hormones. I know, I'm so that girl.

I am SO excited to spend the weekend with you on this bold, liberating retreat!

Ready to finally live in alignment with your body?


Get all the details on registration, what's included, payment plans, & more...


Pay In Full: $550

*includes lodging, food, gifts, & all activities and workshops


          Payment Plans:

             3 Payments of $185

              6 Payments of $95

              9 Payments of $65

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