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Manifest your truest self, your boldest desires, and your wildest dreams by harnessing your feminine power

Does your life feel like a race where you’re always a few laps behind? You work long hours at your not-so-dream job, have a million obligations, cook, clean, pay the bills, workout and crash in front of the TV wishing you had the energy for things like meditation, journaling, or home yoga. It all kinda feels like a blur. Am I right?


You wish you could have your dream job, a fun and freeing schedule, healthy meals, lots of money, and a body you feel good about - but you have no idea how to make it happen. 

That’s where your wild woman comes in.


There is a wild woman, a primal feminine force, inside of you - and every other being. She is you in your essence. She is you unbridled. And, she has been weighed down for too long.


Your wild woman is suppressed by hectic living - busy schedules, constant obligations, and little time for self-care. She is always talking to you, but you can’t hear her over all the noise and chaos.


She knows your deepest desires and your wildest dreams. She believes in your true power and potential. She wants to be seen. She wants to be heard. 


She wants to awaken.


Knowing how to connect to your wild woman is KEY to breaking free from the mundane, from soul-crushing jobs, and from all the chaos.


When you awaken your wild woman and learn how to follow her call, everything falls into place. Your dreams come alive.


You manifest magic.

In this workshop, you'll learn...


  • How to slow down your busy life so that you can tune into your inner wild woman and access her wisdom


  • How to live sensually because the wild woman doesn’t let life happen to her, she actively participates in creating each and every moment

  • The power of connection - how to make listening to your intuition a conscious decision rather than a random occurrence. The wild woman doesn't wait for clarity, she creates it.


This workshop isn’t vision boarding. It isn’t goal setting. It isn’t transformational meditation. It’s a little bit of this and so much more. This workshop is all about soulful, spiritual, sacred self-connection. 

"Before working with Brandy, my world had a fast-paced, on-the-go momentum to it. I claimed that “I work best when full-to-the-brim busy” even though I was stressed out 90% of the time and it was affecting not only myself but everyone around me.


As a result of working with Brandy…

  • I have been able to slow down & listen, which has made my mind so much clearer

  • I've leaned into my TRUE voice & made changes that feel right to me

  • I have found the courage to pursue what I REALLY want to be doing in life

- Siobhan

Former VIP Coaching Client

- About Brandy -


After decades of following the rules, ignoring my instincts, and climbing the traditional ladder of success I looked around and realized my life was, well, grey.

I was in my mid-twenties, graduated college with honors, was in my dream job, and in love with a great man - and yet I felt completely unfulfilled. There was no spark, no thrill.


In that dark, dull haze I found myself 20 lbs overweight, riddled with anxiety, struggling with eating disorders, and majorly disconnected from my body.

I had BIG dreams for my life, yet they seemed so far away.

It wasn't until I started to connect to my feminine rhythms, embrace my natural cycle, and awaken the wild woman within that I was finally able to break free and create the life I've always dreamed of living.

Here's how it works

>> As soon as you make your payment you will receive instant access to this full-length, 90 minute audio training intensive


>> Our Founder + Expert Women's Healing Arts Coach, Brandy Oswald, will be your guide through the entire training - walking you step-by-step through how to reconnect with your intuition, live sensually, and awaken the wild woman within


>> You will have access to unlimited training replays for the lifetime of the course



>> A complimentary 1-on-1 VIP coaching call with Brandy once you complete the training to help you turn inspiration into action and create clear action steps to getting the change you most hope to see!

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Full Course Value: $147 (+$150 bonus!)

Your Investment: $47

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