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Personalized 1-on-1 coaching & support for women who are already tracking their cycles to help you read, analyze, and use your charts to make the best birth control, fertility, & menstrual cycle choices.

Here's the deal...

Sometimes you can read all the books and take an online course and still feel like you need a little extra help to track your cycle, read your charts, and make sure you're doing it right. That's perfectly normal.

I know it may seem crazy, but I was new to cycle tracking at one point too... and it felt confusing, foreign, and overwhelming. So if you're feeling that way too, you're in good company. In fact, you could go on to become a cycle tracking expert like me!

I am here to help you through those first 6-12 months of cycle tracking when everything is so new and you just want someone there to guide you along the way.

Writing a Book

With a chart review package you will...

> Feel more confidence tracking your cycle


> Make better decisions using your charts


> Get the most information & wisdom out of your cycle tracking charts.

Here's What You Get...

3 to 6 Months of Monthly 1-on-1 Coaching

& Chart Review Calls

You get a personalized 60 minute 1-on-1 call with Brandy every month to help you clarify your cycle tracking signs, read your charts, & analyze what you see to help you with your natural birth control, menstrual health,

and fertility goals.

Unlimited Email Coaching 

In between your 1-on-1 coaching calls you will have access to unlimited email coaching with Brandy. Perfect for those on-the-spot, too anxious to wait until tomorrow questions! You can send photos of your charts, cervical fluid, or anything else you'd like Brandy to assist you with.

Bonus Trainings!

Period Prep Rituals Masterclass

You’ll learn 8 natural, wild woman rituals to help you prepare for an easy, comfortable period each month. We’ll look at 3 different areas of period prep including food + supplements, body treatments, & mindset magic.

($197 Value)

How To Spot Hormonal Imbalance Masterclass

You’ll learn the common period symptoms that can be signs of underlying hormonal imbalance, as well as easy ways to uncover potential hormonal imbalances using simple cycle tracking tools. 

($97 Value)

3 Month Chart Review Package

Total Value: $800+

Your Investment: $175/month

6 Month Chart Review Package

Total Value: $1,200

Your Investment: $150/month


How To Get Started

Step 1. Schedule a free info session with Brandy to learn more about the chart review packages and see if they're a good fit for you.

Step 2. We'll have a 15-30 minute video chat to get to know one another, explore your specific needs, and get you all set up with next steps & resources for moving forward.

Step 3. If it feels like a good fit for us both, we'll get you set up with your very own designated coaching spot and you'll officially become a VIP Sauvage Wellness client!



I've learned more about my cycle in the last 3-4 months then I ever have in my almost 25 years of life!  And I was able to go off of hormonal birth control + prevent pregnancy naturally!


I got pregnant on my first try using the Sympto-Thermal Method that Brandy taught me! Within our first few weeks together, Brandy helped me to learn how to properly track my cycle - and it worked!

Woman Wearing a Scarf


After 3 months of working with Brandy, I experience less PMS, milder cramping, and less bleeding with my cycle! Brandy definitely knows her stuff!