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You're thinking about your hormonal birth control and asking yourself - "Do I really want to be on this?" You don't know how it works or what it's doing to your body and something inside keeps telling you it's time to go off of it. You want there to be another option, a natural option.
You're terrified of not being on hormonal birth control. "What if I get pregnant? What if my terrible periods come back? What if my acne goes crazy?" You want to feel 100% confident that you won't get pregnant if you ditch your birth control. AND, you want lighter, less painful periods & clear skin too.
Or maybe you really want to get pregnant - today or someday - but you're nervous about your fertility, all the years you've been on birth control, and having to spend months (or worse, years!) trying to get pregnant. You want to get pregnant easily, on your own terms, as soon as you're ready.
You are really mindful of your health and taking care of your body, yet you feel confused about how to support your body so that your period problems, digestive issues, and feminine health struggles will actually go away and stay away. You want to know your body so well so that you can make empowered choices about your sensual, sexual, and cycle health.
You're frustrated with doctors never really helping you, instead only offering band-aid solutions. You want to be in control of your body, feel listened to, and have access to lasting relief.
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Imagine all this AND...
Going out dancing on your period because your heavy flow and painful cramps are a thing of the past.
Having mind-blowing sex without a lifetime of condoms or birth control hormones because you know exactly when you can and can't get pregnant.
Getting pregnant as soon as you're ready because you know how to support your fertility and conceive with ease.
Feeling like your best self more often - light & free - because you know how to live in alignment with your cycle.
Breaking free from your soul-crushing job, unfulfilling relationships, and self-defeating habits because you're so in-tune with your body that you've been able to unleash your full power and potential.
Let's get real...​
You can't feel good in your body if you don't know how it works or what it needs to feel good.
You can't bring your dreams to life if you're constantly stuck on auto-pilot grinding away your days.
You can't live without hormonal birth control unless you learn how to confidently prevent pregnancy without it.
You can't get pregnant as soon as you're ready if you don't know how to support your fertility or when during your cycle you can actually get pregnant.
You can't heal your heavy/painful/irregular periods, acne, anxiety, or pms if you don't uncover what's causing them in the first place.
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You can't change your situation until you DECIDE to change it.

When you're disconnected from your intuition and not living in alignment with your cycle life looks like...
  • You canceling meetings, skipping social events, and taking time off from work because you're laid up on the couch with painful cramps and a raging period.
  • You living in constant fear of getting pregnant if you go off of hormonal birth control, miss a pill, or your IUD slips.
  • You spending months trying to get pregnant, nervous about your fertility, and wondering if you'll ever be a mother.
  • You spending wayyyy too much time eating what's quick & easy and dragging yourself to the gym instead of eating what your body needs and exercising in a way that's actually fun.
  • You feeling jealous of other women who say things like, "I just followed my intuition and it all worked out."
The good news is that if any of this sounds like you, you're not alone.
There is a way out.
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To break free and tap into your cycle wisdom, intuition, & inner wild woman you'll need to learn these 3 KEY things...
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Learn how your menstrual cycle works, how it impacts your body, & what's causing your period problems - so that you can give your body what it needs to feel good.

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Learn how to track your cycle to uncover hormonal imbalance, prevent pregnancy naturally without a lifetime of birth control, & conceive as soon as you're ready.

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Learn how to harness the wisdom of your cycle to tap into your intuition and awaken the woman within who knows your deepest needs, boldest desires, & wildest dreams.

When you access the wisdom of your cycle & live in alignment with your intuition everything changes...
You feel like yourself again.
You have more energy.
You feel light & free.
You have the confidence to go off of hormonal birth control.
You're confident in your fertility & getting pregnant on your own terms.
You get to have a life that feels fully aligned with your deepest desires.
The Cycle Wisdom Course is for women who are ready to feel confident, empowered, and deeply trusting of their choices so that they can be back in control of their bodies and awaken their inner wild woman.
- Allison, VT -
"Before working with Brandy on cycle tracking, I honestly didn’t think I could do it! I had read all the books and done all the “right” things to harness the power of my cycle but it all seemed so complex. Brandy helped me to learn how to properly track my cycle and I quickly realized that our work was going way beyond cycle tracking. The one minute per day (or less!) it takes me to track my cycle has impacted me in profound ways. I am feeling more at peace & more confident in taking command of my life and asking for what I need.
Be prepared for mega, positive life change, because working with Brandy is so much more than surface level coaching. It’s total soul wisdom that translates to courage, strength, and the awakening of the wild woman in all of us that deserves to come forward"
How it works:
We begin on February 20th, 2020 with our first LIVE call at 6:30pm EST.
We will meet every Thursday from 6:30pm-8:00pm EST via virtual call from Feb. 20th to March 26th.  *Note - Recordings of our LIVE calls will be posted to the Cycle Wisdom Facebook Community for anyone who is unable to attend.
There will be new content each week, as well as weekly action steps to help implement the tools you'll learn on each call.
You'll also get ((ONE)) 1-on-1 coaching call with Brandy to clarify your vision & goals AND create a plan of action to make them a reality.
AND, you'll get access to our private Cycle Wisdom Facebook Community to engage with other women in the course, share stories, support one another, and feel deeply grounded and supported in this work together.
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Let's break it down...
Week 1:    Know Your Body, Change Your Life.
Creating awareness around how your body, hormones, and menstrual cycle work is the first step to creating change. Too often women aren’t given this knowledge, which holds us back from identifying what our hormones are doing, what's out of balance, & the steps to create meaningful change.
Week 2:    Uncovering Common Hormonal Imbalances
Uncovering and healing the root hormonal imbalances brings relief from the debilitating struggles like painful cramps, heavy periods, acne, and pms that are holding you back from living life to the fullest. Being able to lessen the impact of painful periods, heavy flows, and nagging hormonal struggles frees you up to feel like yourself more often and live the life you truly want to be living. It also empowers you with a deeper understanding about what your body needs and what is actually occurring within you.
Week 3:    Hormones or No Hormones? Navigating the world of                        birth control
Understanding the truth about hormonal birth control and its impact on your entire body allows you to make the most informed decisions about your sexual and hormonal health. With this knowledge you'll no longer feel at the mercy of your doctors (when they suggest something that doesn't feel good to you) because you'll now have a deeper knowledge about how your body works and the ways in which your health is impacted by your hormonal birth control choices.
Week 4:    Getting To Know Your Cycle
Accessing the deep wisdom of your cycle puts you back in control of your own body. Cycle tracking allows you to make informed, knowledgeable decisions about your health and well-being because you more deeply understand how your body functions. It also allows you to spot potentially dangerous hormonal imbalances and be able to effectively communicate your needs to your health care providers.
Week 5:    Cycle Tracking For Birth Control & Pregnancy Support
Cycle tracking puts YOU back in control of your body and your sexual health decisions. It empowers you with the confidence to transition off of hormonal birth control (if that's your goal!) and offers relief from hormonal birth control related side-effects. Cycle tracking also provides you with the necessary knowledge to address your unique fertility needs and get pregnant easily on your own terms.
Week 6:    Awakening The Wild Woman Within
As you learn the deeper rhythms of your body and begin to more intuitively connect to and respect your body, being, and innate power you will naturally crave more. This work shakes you alive, awakens you at your core, and ignites a desire to live more in alignment with your body, your intuition, and your soul. Body awareness and cycle tracking is only the beginning, this is the culmination.
But, wait, there's more!
Free Your Body: Cycle Tracking For The Modern Woman ((audio training)) - $127 value
Steps To Transition Off Of Hormonal Birth Control With Confidence ((done-for-you action guide)) - $99 value
Unleashing The Sacred Feminine ((audio training)) - $149 value
Total Value Of Bonuses: $375
(but you get them all for FREE!)
Your Cycle Wisdom Course Investment: $497
*Payment plan available. 3 monthly payments of $167. 
Pay via payment plan HERE.
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Hi, I'm Brandy.
I'm a women's health coach & hormone specialist with a passion for helping women balance their hormones, harness the power of their natural cycles, and finally feel confident in their hormonal health and fertility choices.
I, myself, struggled with hormonal imbalance for nearly TWO decades. From chronic yeast infections, to fibrocystic breasts, to heavy & painful periods, to cystic acne and thyroid cancer - I've had to fight for my hormonal health.
Doctors were quick to offer hormonal birth control and prescription drugs to keep my symptoms at bay, but never once taught me how my hormonal system works or what was causing these symptoms in the first place.
After years of ruining my beautiful bed sheets and crying myself to sleep, I decided enough was enough.
So in 2013, I taught myself the cycle tracking method of natural birth control (aka the fertility awareness method) which I used to break-free from my dependency on hormonal birth control, uncover the root cause of my hormonal struggles, and finally feel like myself again.
Since then I have been able to heal my heavy, painful periods naturally using a powerful, yet simple combination of hormone healthy foods and a very few natural supplements. I've healed my chronic yeast infections and can finally lounge on the beach in a wet swimsuit without fearing the worst. And, I've been able to have mind-blowing sex without condoms, pills, or IUDs.
But even better than all that - I was finally able to feel like myself again. To feel good in my body. To understand the deep rhythms of my cycle. To make empowered choices because I KNEW how my body worked and what it needed to feel good.
Best of all, I was able to connect to my inner wild woman, my deepest desires, and create a life that feels so aligned with my needs it's hard to imagine I ever lived any other way.
I've lost 20 lbs, met the love of my life, and earn an income WHILE making an impact. 
All of this because I decided to make my hormonal health and cycle wellness a priority.
All of this because I decided to tap into my cycle wisdom.
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This is why I'm so excited to bring you the life-changing tools and deep knowledge of the Cycle Wisdom course.
I wish I had access to this training and all its tools and techniques when I was in the depths of struggling with my heavy & painful periods, vaginal infections, acne, and complete desperation to get off of hormonal birth control. But, unfortunately, I did not. I couldn't find anything like this course - and believe me, I tried.
Instead I had to spent 10 years and thousands of dollars on doctor appointments, medications, supplements, expensive meal plans, and training programs to gather all of this information and all of these tools on my own.
The truth is that teaching women how to track their cycles, understand their own hormonal health, and support their fertility is a matter of female empowerment.
YOU deserve to be in control of YOUR body.
You deserve to feel confident in your choices.
You deserve to feel empowered in your body.
And, girl, you deserve to feel like yourself again.
This course is for any woman who is ready to stand up for what she deserves. To take back control. And, to live her best life.
If there is even a tiny part of you that feels called to participate in this course, I hope you find the courage to follow that call. You owe it to yourself. You deserve it.
Let's do this!
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Let this be the decision that changes everything.
Your Cycle Wisdom Course Investment: $497
*Payment plan available. 3 monthly payments of $167. 
Pay via payment plan HERE.
Feeling nervous?
Click here to set up a ((free)) 1-on-1 call with me. I want you to feel excited to be a part of this incredible course. We'll get to know each other, explore what's got you feeling nervous, & really make sure this course is a great fit for you - and if not, there's no obligation to sign-up!