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Resources on Efficacy of the Sympto-Thermal Method


Click the document above to view the results of the largest study on the Sympto-Thermal Method as published in 2007. The method was shown to be just as effective as other modern methods of hormonal birth control. When couples either abstained or used condoms during the fertile days the chance of pregnancy was 0.4% and 0.6% respectively. Out of the 900 women studied, 0.4% became pregnant. These women were studied over a 20 year period and provided 17,638 cycles. For hormonal contraceptives to be effective they must have no more than 1 pregnancy per year per 100 women, or a 1% failure rate. Therefore, Dr. Frank-Hermann’s study demonstrates that the Sympto-Thermal Method is as effective as modern hormonal birth control methods with just 1 pregnancy per 250 women per year.


Click the document above to view a comparison of the efficacy rates of the varying fertility awareness methods of natural birth control by study and by nation. The method taught here at Sauvage Wellness is the Sympto-Thermal Double Check Method which is listed on this chart as "Double-check."

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