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Are you a physician or health & wellness provider serving women and their hormonal health needs?

Do you hear from patients that they want a natural birth control method that's just as effective as the pill, but don't know where to send them?

Have you found yourself struggling to serve these patients because you don't know how to teach them fertility awareness methods of birth control or what they can use aside from faulty barrier methods?

You want to help them. If a woman doesn't want to be on hormonal birth control you want to be able to confidently provide her with another option.

You're in the right place! That's where I come in.


As a trained Fertility Awareness Educator, I teach women around the world how to use the Sympto-Thermal Double Check Method of cycle tracking as natural birth control and to get pregnant naturally when they're ready.

This method has been proven to be up to 99.6% effective with proper use when learned from a trained instructor. 

That's as effective as the hormonal birth control pill!!

Using the Sympto-thermal method, I teach women how to read cervical fluid secretions and how to use them to avoid or attempt unprotected intercourse on the crucial days leading up to ovulation, depending on pregnancy goals.



I also teach women how to interpret basal body temperature shifts to confirm ovulation using the temperature-raising progesterone production that occurs post-ovulation.

In addition, I teach women how to notice and track the subtle changes in cervix position and texture in relation to estrogen production, cervical fluid secretions, menstruation, and their window of fertility each cycle.

What is the Sympto-Thermal Method?

The Sympto-Thermal Method is a fertility awareness based method of natural birth control AND pregnancy achievement that allows women to prevent pregnancy with up to 99.6% efficacy by tracking cervical fluid changes, temperature shifts, and subtle changes in cervix position and texture.

Here's how it works...
Colored Droplets

- Cervical Fluid - 

The sympto-thermal method uses cervical fluid tracking to identify the opening of one's fertile window based on the transition from dry to the wetter and slippery types of cervical fluid that are produced leading up to ovulation. Users are taught how to distinguish between fertile, less fertile, and infertile cervical fluid types and use the information to avoid unprotected intercourse in the presence of fertile and less fertile type fluid leading up to ovulation. Users of this method also learn how to recognize their cervical fluid peak day and return to infertility following ovulation.

** This information is also taught to women trying to conceive to help them identify their fertile window and utilize fertile cervical fluid days for conception.

- Basal Body Temperature - 

The sympto-thermal method uses basal body temperature tracking to identify the bi-phasic nature of temperature throughout the menstrual cycle and locate the thermal shift that occurs following ovulation as a result of post-ovulatory progesterone production. Users are taught how to identify their high temperature days following ovulation and close their fertile window within several days of ovulation. This allows them to enter their post-ovulatory definitely infertile phase following ovulation until menstruation begins again.

** This information is also taught to women trying to conceive to help them identify if their luteal phase is long enough to support implantation. This information is also helpful for women trying to achieve pregnancy because many are under the misguided notion that one should concentrate intercourse to the day of temperature rise, which, as we know, is likely too late.

Location Mark

- Cervix Position & Texture - 

The sympto-thermal method uses the natural changes in cervix position and texture throughout the menstrual cycle to confirm the opening and closing of the fertile window, as well as what is being seen with cervical fluid and temperature. Users are taught how to manually check the cervix and how to recognize when the cervix is in its high, soft, and open position leading up to ovulation, as well as when the cervix is in its low, firm, and closed position during infertile phases of the cycle.

When learned from a trained instructor, like those of us here at Sauvage Wellness, the Sympto-Thermal Method has been proven to be up to 99.6% effective with proper use!

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand
How To Get Started

Step 1.   Refer your patient or client to Brandy by having them schedule a free info session and complete the  intake form using the button below.

Step 2.   Share Brandy's Free Resource Library with patients, clients, and staff to help educate them on natural birth control and fertility support options available through the sympto-thermal method.

** Looking to have Brandy offer an educational presentation to your clinic staff about fertility awareness & the sympto-thermal method?

We'd love to help you set that up!

Please fill out her event request form HERE.

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