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If you’re like most of the women we serve here at Sauvage Wellness, then you’re likely…


>> Fed up with feeling “stuck” on hormonal birth control. There’s got to be a better way.


>> Tired of asking doctors for “natural options” only to get the same old birth control pills and IUDs pushed your way. Seriously, there’s got to be another option.


>> Wanting to prevent pregnancy naturally, but don’t even know if there’s anything besides condoms that you can use to do that. WTF, there’s got to be some other method!

Here’s the good news - There is! It’s called the Sympto-Thermal Double Check Method and it’s up to 99.5% effective. That’s the same as the pill!

Here’s the deal…


You can’t learn this natural birth control method from most (if any!) doctors. They don’t teach this method in medical school.


You didn’t learn about this natural birth control method in health class because your teacher probably didn’t even know it exists.


You weren’t taught this method by your mom because she was likely told it is the “church’s” method and is “only for religious people.” (Don’t worry - that's not true!)


But, you DO have an opportunity to finally learn this method - and it’s right here, right now. (yes, please!)

If you’re ready to… 




Reclaim your hormonal health, 


And embrace your natural rhythms


Then, we want to show you how.

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>> Prevent pregnancy naturally using the wisdom of your body


>> Have great sex without condoms or pulling out because you know EXACLTY where you are in your cycle


>> Break-free from hormonal birth control and all the nasty side effects that came with it

>> Go into your doctor appointments with months worth of cycle tracking charts and tell them what you KNOW is going on and what you need from them


>> FINALLY embrace your natural rhythms rather than feeling at the mercy of your hormones




This intensive Intro to Natural Birth Control training is the first step to all this and more.



>> The most common methods of natural birth control and why some are more effective than others


>> Why here at Sauvage Wellness we ONLY teach the Sympto-Thermal Double Check method

>> How the Sympto-Thermal Double Check Method works, why it’s so effective, + how to start tracking today!

>> The important information that cervical fluid and temperature tell us about ovulation, our fertility, and what days we can actually get pregnant each month


>> Clear next steps to start your own cycle tracking journey with the help of a trained fertility awareness instructor!

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>> Have a deep understanding of a natural birth control method that is up to 99.5% effective - that’s the same as the birth control pill!

>> Be able to track your own cervical fluid and temperature shifts to give you a head start for working with a fertility awareness instructor


>> Clarify why natural birth control is so important to you, how it will change your life for the better, and the next steps you need to take to prevent pregnancy confidently with nothing other than the wisdom of your body

Here's how it works

>> As soon as you make your payment you will receive instant access to this full-length, hour-long audio training intensive


>> Our Founder + Expert Fertility Awareness Instructor, Brandy Oswald, will be your guide through the entire training - walking you step-by-step through how the sympto-thermal method works + how you can get started tracking your very own cycle


>> You will have access to unlimited training replays for the lifetime of the course




>> Your very own downloadable cycle tracking chart!


>> A free 1-on-1 VIP coaching call with Brandy once you complete the training!

Value of Bonuses: $150  (yours for free!)

Full Course Value: $297

Your Investment: $99

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I've learned more about my cycle in the last 3-4 months then I ever have in my almost 25 years of life!  And I was able to go off of hormonal birth control + prevent pregnancy naturally!

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Learning how to track your cycle is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself!! I’m now able to bring my cycle tracking chart to my doctors and use it as a tool to advocate for my health care plans.

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After 3 months of working with Brandy, I experience less PMS, milder cramping, and less bleeding with my cycle! Brandy definitely knows her stuff!


DISCLAIMER: This training alone does not provide you with all the information you’ll need to begin using the Sympto-Thermal Double Check method of natural birth control to prevent pregnancy effectively. You will be provided with a strong and intensive foundation in the method, however learning the method takes longer than we have in this training. It requires a personalized approach and a deeper understanding of the specific method rules for preventing pregnancy than what we can fit into this Intro to Natural Birth Control training. It is always recommended that you work with a trained fertility awareness instructor to learn how to effectively use natural birth control methods. I’ll give you clear next steps on how to work with me as your personal fertility awareness instructor at the end of this training!!


By participating in this training you also recognize that neither myself, Sauvage Wellness, or any of our employees are doctors, nurses, physicians, psychotherapists, or in anyway licensed medical practitioners and neither Sauvage Wellness nor myself has promised, or will: (1) provide medical advice; or (2) provide 100% effective birth control options. This training is a specialized form of education and is not the same as professional or licensed medical advice and intervention; and you recognize that it is your responsibility to seek such services from a licensed professional. Even as a trained fertility awareness instructor and coach, I am not a medical provider and do not give medical advice. All information provided in this training is of a general nature and is intended only for educational purposes to help with your personal health improvement goals and should not be relied on as medical advice. Always consult a physician with any health concerns and  prior to changing your lifestyle, birth control, or prescription medicine routine.