A members-only virtual community for wild woman in search of natural birth control, periods that don't sucks, and fertility + pregnancy support 

>> You're tired of being told that you're being risky & irresponsible for doing things the natural way. You want to surround yourself with women who will support & celebrate your choices.

>> You feel alone + frustrated. Your doctors, friends, and family just don't get it. You're ready to create lasting connections with other women who are doing things the same way you are.

>> You want to transition off of hormonal birth control and start using cycle tracking as natural birth control but you're nervous and don't know where to start. You want access to resources and education.

>> Your periods kinda sucks (alright, maybe they super suck) and you're tired of feeling like crap in your body 1-2 weeks out of every month. You want to uncover what's causing your sucky periods and heal the imbalance naturally so that you can have easy, comfortable periods.

>> You're thinking about getting pregnant, but are feeling nervous and confused about your fertility. You want to learn how to optimize your fertility so that you can get pregnant easily when you're ready.

>> You've been trying to get pregnant for awhile now and it's harder than you expected. You want to learn how to identify any cycle imbalances so that you can finally conceive.

>> Or maybe you want a supportive, sacred space where you can feel safe to talk about periods, sex, vaginas, boobs, and all those TMI topics that society deems inappropriate. (Nothing is taboo here!)

If any of these sound like you, then the Sauvage Sisterhood has got your back.

- Hi, I'm Brandy Oswald - 


I'm a Certified Fertility Awareness Instructor, Women's Healing Arts Coach, & the Founder of Sauvage Wellness. I teach women how to use cycle tracking tools as natural birth control, to have periods that don't suck, and to get pregnant when they're ready.


I created the Sauvage Sisterhood Membership Community to provide women with...

  • Easy access to the crucial education about our bodies, our periods, and our fertility that has been kept from us for far too long.

  • Natural alternatives to hormonal birth control, awful periods + pms, and fertility struggles so that we can finally feel CONFIDENT, POWERFUL, & FREE in our bodies and our cycles. 

  • The inside scoop on natural birth control from someone who is *actually* trained to teach it. (Spoiler Alert - Your doctor is not.)

  • A safe + sacred space to explore topics that society deems taboo, but are vital to our lives as women like - periods, birth control, sex, vaginas, fertility, & pregnancy + postpartum truths.

Life Now


Life in the Sauvage Sisterhood

Life Now

>> You go to the bathroom and have a "WTF! Is this normal?!" moment and have no one to ask about it because it's TMI & taboo to talk about va-jay-jays.

>> Your periods suck but the only option you've been given is hormonal birth control. You didn't even know it wasn't normal to have painful cramps, pms, bloating, acne, and all those shitty period symptoms.

>> You're wanting a natural birth control option, you've read about cycle tracking, but you're so nervous because you don't know anyone in real life who actually uses it. You have so many questions... Does it work? Is it hard to do? Does it take a lot of time? How do I get started?

>> You've been struggling to conceive (or worse, you've been told you're infertile) and are feeling so alone and out of options... and your family and friends just don't get it.

Life in the Sauvage Sisterhood

>> Oh that TMI, vagina question? There's another babe in the community who has been there and knows exactly what to do.

>> Periods suck? You'll be a part of a community of wild women who are living proof that periods do not have to be awful... and they want to show you their witchy ways.

>> Curious about natural birth control? You'll have access to

real-life women who are using cycle tracking as natural birth control and are excited to share their tips, tricks, & experiences with you

As a member you'll get

Monthly LIVE Masterclasses & Group Coaching Calls on everything from periods, to birth control, to fertility, to living life a wild woman.

Each call will be 60-90 minutes long and will be recorded in case you can't make it live.

Monthly Mini-Classes to give you tips, tricks, & tools you can implement asap. 


Each mini-class will be 15-20 minutes long and recorded for you to watch anytime!

*We even take recommendations*

Access to weekly 1 x 1 office hours calls with Brandy each month.


Office hours calls are perfect for chart reviews, personalized support, & expert 1-on-1 coaching. Each call is 20 minutes long with spots available weekly.

Unlimited access to Brandy's members-only online yoga + meditation studio.


New yoga + meditation classes added every month with favorites like core flow, soothing flow, and brain retraining + womb meditations.

 Unlimited access to the Sauvage Sisterhood Training Vault.


The training vault is filled with all our past community masterclasses, mini-classes, and training manuals

Access to the private

Sauvage Sisterhood Community Forum



Our community forum is hosted right on Facebook, so no extra forum sites that you have to remember to login to, y'all!

And these bonuses!

When you join today, you'll get access these FIVE pre-loaded masterclasses & training manuals...

Transitioning Off Of

Hormonal Birth Control

In this training you will get a step-by-step look at how to transition off of hormonal birth control will ease, confidence, & fewer symptoms. *This is our most in-demand masterclass of all time! ($397 Value)

 7 Ways To Optimize Your Fertility


You’ll learn 7 impactful ways to support fertility naturally so that you can feel confident when trying to conceive. We'll explore the natural food and lifestyle choices are so often left out of the pregnancy achievement discussion. ($197 Value)

Period Prep Rituals


You’ll learn 8 natural, wild woman rituals to help you prepare for an easy, comfortable period each month. We’ll look at 3 different areas of period prep including food + supplements, body treatments, & mindset magic.

($197 Value)

How To Connect To

Your Wild Woman Intuition


In this training you will get 6 powerful steps to connect to your wild woman intuition from anywhere. Connecting to your intuition is the key to living in alignment with your wildest dreams & deepest desires. ($197 Value)

How To Spot Hormonal Imbalance


You’ll learn the common period symptoms that can be signs of underlying hormonal imbalance, as well as easy ways to uncover potential hormonal imbalances using simple cycle tracking tools. ($97 Value)


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I was able to go off of hormonal birth control + prevent pregnancy naturally! I've learned more about my cycle in the last 4 months then I ever have in my almost 25 years of life!


I got pregnant on my first try using the Sympto-Thermal Method that Brandy taught me! Brandy is all real – no bullshit. She listens with heart and wisdom and holds a powerful space for transformation.


After just 3 months I'm experiencing less PMS, milder cramping, and less bleeding with my cycle! Brandy definitely knows her stuff!

Become a member today!

You get all this for just $30 a month. #yesplease

(Enrollment closes January 31st. And, don't worry, you can cancel at any time! You're not locked into a certain number of months.)

*Once checkout is complete, you will be redirected to the Membership Welcome Page. If you don't see that page, please contact Brandy here.

DISCLAIMER: By participating in this training you recognize that neither Brandy Oswald, Sauvage Wellness, or any of our employees are doctors, nurses, physicians, psychotherapists, or in anyway licensed medical practitioners and neither Sauvage Wellness nor Brandy Oswald has promised, or will: (1) provide medical advice; (2) provide 100% effective birth control options; (3) or guarantee the successful prevention of pregnancy (4) provide 100% effective pregnancy achievement options; (5) provide 100% effective menstrual support (6) or provide nutrition or health guidelines. This information presented by Brandy Oswald and Sauvage Wellness LLC is a specialized form of education and is not the same as professional or licensed medical advice and intervention; and you recognize that it is your responsibility to seek such services from a licensed professional. Even as a trained fertility awareness instructor and coach, Brandy Oswald is not a medical provider and do not give medical advice. All information provided in this training is of a general nature and is intended only for educational purposes to help with your personal health and life improvement goals and should not be relied on as medical advice. Always consult a physician with any health concerns and  prior to changing your lifestyle, birth control, or prescription medicine routine.  Should you choose to use the information provided by Brandy Oswald, Sauvage Wellness, and the Sauvage Sisterhood Membership Community it is of your own volition and you recognize that neither Brandy Oswald nor Sauvage Wellness LLC is not held liable for any intended or unintended outcomes.

((Basically - I am not a doctor. You are in control. Make smart choices.))