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Welcome to

the Sauvage Sisterhood

We are so excited to have you in our wild woman community! On this welcome page you'll find everything you'll need to access our community forum, masterclass trainings, yoga + meditation classes, 1x1 office hours, group coaching calls, & more.






If you have any questions or get stuck, just shoot Brandy a message at and we'll help you get all set up.

Before checking out all our super sweet membership content, please request access to our community forum FIRST. Upon doing so you will receive a copy of our membership waiver via email within 24 business hours. Please read & sign the waiver. Once it has been signed and returned, you will be granted access to the community forum. Yay!

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The Sauvage Sisterhood community forum is hosted via private Facebook group for your convenience. No extra logins to random forum websites we'll all forget to check - win!

To gain access to our private community forum, please request access on Facebook here.

Once your membership request is granted you will be prompted to answer a few membership questions & review our community guidelines. Please direct all questions to

As a member of the Sauvage Sisterhood community you have access to our entire library of masterclasses & trainings on everything from natural birth control, to fertility & pregnancy support, to better periods & connecting to the wild woman within. Each class comes with a pdf training guide that you will find in our Facebook community under the "Files" tab.

You can access our entire library of classes here.

The training guide for the Transitioning Off Of Hormonal Birth Control masterclass is too large to upload to our FB community, so you can access that one right here: Transitioning Off Of Hormonal Birth Control training guide

*Note - By participating in any masterclass you acknowledge and accept the disclaimer provided in the description of each training that states all content presented is to serve as an educational resource and NOT medical advice.

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As a Sauvage Sisterhood community member you also get access to our entire virtual yoga studio filled with yoga classes & guided meditations focused on supporting healthy cycles & having a whole lot of fun!

You can check out all of our yoga + meditation classes here.

Brandy will be recording and uploading new yoga + meditation classes every month. Feel free to put in requests in our community forum!

And lastly, as a member you have access to FREE 1x1 office hours calls with Brandy every Thursday between 2-4pm EST. (Each call is 20 minutes long)

Office hours calls are great for chart reviews, cycle tracking questions, and exploring resources & options for new cycle symptoms.

You can schedule an office hours call any time

you're in need using this link.

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