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Control Coaching

Are you fed up with feeling "stuck" on hormonal birth control because it doesn't feel like there is a better option?

Are you worried about the side effects of hormonal birth control and its long-term impact on your health and fertility?

Have you struggled to find a birth control option that feels like a good fit - safe, natural, & effective?

You want a birth control method that's 100% natural, doesn't have any side effects, and is just as effective as the pill - but that feels impossible.

Well, I'm here to tell you that it's not.

In my early twenties I, too, found myself fed up with hormonal birth control and desperately searching for a way out.



In the 3 short years that I was on hormonal birth control I experienced nearly 50 yeast infections and daily panic attacks, yet doctors never mentioned that the birth control hormones could be causing it all.



"Plus," they said, "There's no other way to make sure you won't get pregnant."

But deep down I knew the birth control was at the root of my struggles and that there had to be another way.

After ditching hormonal birth control and spending an entire year nervously preventing pregnancy with condoms alone, I discovered fertility awareness methods of natural birth control and my life has never been the same since.

I was able to confidently break free from hormonal birth control and stop worrying about condoms breaking. The yeast infections cleared up, panic attacks subsided, and I finally felt like myself again!

Since then I've gone on to become a Fertility Awareness Instructor with the Natural Family Planning Teachers Association. 

These days I help women around the world learn and use the up to 99.5% effective Sympto-Thermal Double Check Method of natural birth control to prevent pregnancy using nothing but the wisdom of their bodies.


Learn how to use the Sympto-Thermal Double Check Method of natural birth control to prevent pregnancy naturally (& how to get pregnant when/if you decide you're ready)

Learn how to determine the exact window of time each month that you're able to get pregnant (Spoiler Alert: It's only about 6 days out of every month!) and know when/if you ovulated

Discover how to use your cycle tracking charts to have lighter, less painful periods and less pms

Be able to step into your personal power and become a knowledge powerhouse in your body - AND be able to use this knowledge to make EMPOWERED, CONFIDENT hormonal health decisions

Learn how to reconnect to your body and live in alignment with your cycle so that you can tap into your intuition, deepest desires, and experience more flow in your cycle and your life.

  • (10) 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Brandy over 3 months (7 at 60 minutes each, 3 at 30 minutes each) to learn the Sympto-Thermal Double Check Method, practice reading cycle charts, analyze your own charts, and learn the rhythms of your unique cycle

  • The Sauvage Wellness Cycle Tracking Master Guide complete with everything you need to know about using the Sympto-Thermal Method to prevent pregnancy naturally

  • Sauvage Wellness' Charting Guidebook to help you track your cycle - including fertile and infertile phases - with ease and accuracy

  • Between session email and text support to assist you between coaching calls

  • On-the-go chart & symptom insights via email to help you track and analyze your cycle between sessions​

((Incoming clients newly off of hormonal birth control

will require 3 additional sessions. $1,500 total investment))

Your coaching program investment: $1,275 | $425/month

((Need-based scholarships available))

How to get started:

STEP 1 - Schedule a free consult call to meet with Brandy 1-on-1 and learn more! Schedule your call here.

STEP 2 - We'll have a 30 minute call to get clear on your goals, uncover potential barriers standing in the way, & get crystal clear on if this program is a good fit

STEP 3 - If it feels like a good fit - you choose the day and time for our first official session, make your deposit, and you're in!


I've learned more about my cycle in the last 3-4 months then I ever have in my almost 25 years of life!  And I was able to go off of hormonal birth control + prevent pregnancy naturally!


Learning how to track your cycle is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself!! I’m now able to bring my cycle tracking chart to my doctors and use it as a tool to advocate for my health care plans.


After 3 months of working with Brandy, I experience less PMS, milder cramping, and less bleeding with my cycle! Brandy definitely knows her stuff!

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