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Birth control that is 100% natural, easy to use, & works with your body instead of against it like hormonal birth control... yes please!

Nearly all of our sex education, from health class to the doctor's office, has taught us that the only effective way to prevent pregnancy is hormonal birth control or copper IUDs.
We're taught that we must suppress our natural hormones or alter our bodies in order to prevent pregnancy - but there is another way!

That other way is using fertility awareness methods.

Do you want...

>> A 100% natural birth control option that works with your body (rather than against it by shutting down your natural hormonal rhythms)?

>> To stop wondering "What is hormonal birth control doing to my body, my periods, & my fertility?"

>> To finally heal your period problems rather than cover them up with hormonal birth control?

>> To switch to using cycle tracking as natural  birth control but worry "Will this work for me? Doesn't take a lot of time & energy to use? Do I have to use a bunch of condoms?"

You're in the right place. 

The sympto-thermal method of natural birth control could be the answer you've been searching for.

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1-On-1 Consultations

Have you read a fertility awareness book like Taking Charge Of Your Fertility or taken an online fertility awareness course and want expert-support from a trained Fertility Awareness Educator to make sure you're applying all of the natural birth control rules correctly? 1-On-1 Consultations are perfect for you.

In these sessions I will help you open & close your fertile window, confirm you're applying the rules correctly, analyze your charts for hormonal imbalances, & answer any questions that come up as you're tracking your cycle.

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New to fertility awareness methods and their rules? The Natural Birth Control Academy is the place for you!

In this 3-month virtual group course you will learn everything you need to know in order to use cycle tracking a natural birth control with ease & confidence. 

This is by far the most popular offering here at Sauvage Wellness!

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