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Learn the exact method that I use with my clients to transition off of their current birth control method and make the switch to fertility awareness methods as natural birth control with fewer symptoms, easier periods, & ZERO pregnancy fears.

((After registering, you'll receive instant access to the free training video with Brandy AND a *free* copy of the How To Switch To Natural Birth Control Training Workbook))

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In this can't miss masterclass

training you will learn...

>> How to nourish your body before, during, and after going off of hormonal birth control or the copper IUD.

>> How to support a healthy, regular menstrual cycle using simple food, supplements, & lifestyle shifts

>> How to choose the fertility awareness method of natural birth control that is right for you

>> How to start working with a trained fertility awareness educator asap! Because the 99.6% efficacy rate of the natural method Brandy teaches is based on working with a trained educator.

Wild Woman Mentorships

Hi, I'm Brandy

I am an internationally trained natural family planning (aka fertility awareness) educator, as well as a menstrual cycle educator.


I teach women around the world how to use cycle tracking methods of natural birth control, have better periods, get pregnant when they're ready, & reclaim their menstrual power.

For nearly 10 years, since I was just 23 years old, I have been using fertility awareness methods of natural birth control with 100% efficacy.

I was able to transition off of the birth control pill with almost no symptoms and was able to heal the countless side effects caused by birth control hormones like IBS, bloating, yeast infections, anxiety, and more.

Switching to natural birth control was the best decision that I have ever made. 

That's why I've dedicated my life to sharing this empowering information with as many women as possible. 

The women I've worked with demonstrate every day that there is another way - That we don't have to stay "stuck" on hormonal birth control. That we don't have to stay "stuck" with terrible periods.

That we can have it all - a natural birth control method, an easy period, and a healthy menstrual cycle.

((Brandy Oswald is also the creator of the Natural Birth Control Academy - an online course that has taught women around the world how to break free from their current birth control method and use fertility awareness as natural birth control easily & confidently on their own in just 3 months.))

Ready to learn how to make the switch to natural birth control too?

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Unlock your FREE Masterclass & Training Workbook to uncover How To Switch To Natural Birth Control Without Pregnancy Fears!

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