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A virtual course for women who want to break free from their current birth control method & use fertility awareness as natural birth control WITHOUT pregnancy fears

If you're like most women in search of natural birth control options...


>> You want to prevent pregnancy safely and effectively without worrying about what your birth control is doing to your body.


>> You're tired of asking your doctors for natural birth control options and hearing for the 100th time that the copper IUD and condoms are your only option.


>> You've heard of other women who use cycle tracking as natural birth control, but you have no idea how to get started yourself without f*cking it up.


Wild Woman Mentorships

I'm a Certified Fertility Awareness Educator, the Founder of Sauvage Wellness, and the Creator of the Natural Birth Control Academy.



I teach women around the world how to transition off of hormonal birth control & the copper IUD, use FAMs as natural birth control, and reclaim their menstrual cycles so that they can ditch synthetic hormones & devices, have a 100% natural birth control method, & celebrate their menstruating bodies.


Here's a few things I want you to know...

  • I am an internationally trained FAM Educator who graduated from the Natural Family Planning Teacher's Association (NFPTA).

  • I have use fertility awareness methods of natural birth control with 100% efficacy for 10+ years beginning when I was just 22!

  • I've taught women around the world, of all ages & stages of life, how to use FAMs as natural birth control, too.

  • You don't need big pharma "solutions" to prevent pregnancy. Your body was created with a built-in birth control method, but you were never taught how to use it. Until here + now, with me.

Hi, I'm Brandy

I teach and personally use the Sympto-Thermal Double Check Method of natural birth control, or fertility awareness. This method uses cervical fluid, waking temperature, cervix changes, and simple body symptoms to prevent pregnancy naturally with up to 99.6% effectiveness. That's the same as the pill!

Allow me to show you the way.


Learn how to use the EXACT natural birth control method that I have used for over a decade and teach to women around the world.

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In the Natural Birth Control Academy, you will get a natural birth control method that allows you to break free.

Learn how to say goodbye to...

> Feeling stuck on hormonal birth control with no way out.

> Feeling like the copper IUD & condoms are your only options for natural birth control.

> The uncomfortable side effects of hormonal birth control & the copper IUD - like digestive issues, anxiety, depression, period problems, acne, and more.

> Synthetic hormones, foreign objects in your uterus, & a suppressed (or absent!) menstrual cycle.

> Feeling disconnected & in the dark about how your menstrual cycle works, the truth about when you can actually get pregnant, & not knowing how to read your body's simple fertility signs.


Here's what you'll unlock

A 100% natural birth control method that is up to 99.6% effective.

Imagine only needing a pen + paper as your birth control method, having sex without a condom & NOT feeling worried at all about getting pregnant, & knowing that you'll never need hormonal birth control again. With the Natural Birth Control Academy, all this can be possible for you!

Deep wisdom of your menstrual cycle & primal rhythms.

Understand how your menstrual cycle works, how to live in alignment with your cycle phases, & tap into the confidence, that comes from being connected to your body + cycle on a deep & intimate level.

How to have easier, healthier periods naturally.

Explore how to have lighter, shorter, less painful + pms-filled periods naturally with period prep rituals, nutrient dense foods,  + simple lifestyle practices.

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A virtual course for women who want to break free from their current birth control method & use fertility awareness as natural birth control with confidence

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Module 1: Sympto-Thermal Method Intro

You will start working with the natural birth control method -- the sympto-thermal double check method of fertility awareness -- in the very 1st course module. Explore what it is, why it works, & how it's different from hormonal birth control, barrier methods like condoms, and even cycle tracking & femtech devices like Natural Cycles, Daysy, & menstrual cycle apps.

Module 2: Cycle Deep Dive + Tracking Signs 

In Module 2, we will cover the...

  • Menstrual Cycle Deep Dive - Learn how your menstrual cycle works & explore the phases of the cycle

  • Cervical Fluid 101 - Learn the different types of cervical fluid, how we use them to prevent pregnancy, and how to track them on your cycle tracking chart.

  • Basal Body Temperature 101 - Learn how to track temperature & how to use it to prevent pregnancy

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Local Business Manager

Module 3: The 4 Rules

+ Your Fertile Window

In Module 3, we will cover...

  • Opening & Closing Your Fertile Window - Explore how to open and close your fertile window using cervical fluid, temperature, and the calendar method double check​

  • The Rules from A to Z - Learn the 4 rules for using the sympto-thermal method and how they are applied to prevent pregnancy with up to 99.6% efficacy.

Module 4: Cycle Charting Intensive

In module 4 we will immerse ourselves in cycle charts. You'll have a chance to work with real-life cycle tracking charts from real women. You'll be able to practice first-hand how to apply all of the rules of the sympto-thermal method BEFORE you have to do it with your own cycle. This module is filled with practice charts & a hands-on look at applying the rules of the method to real cycle charts.

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Module 5: Cervix + Other Tracking Signs

In Module 5, we will cover...

  • Tracking Cervix Changes - Learn how the cervix changes throughout the month, what it tells you about your fertility, and how to easily track these changes.​

  • Additional Tracking Signs - You will also learn about the many other body symptoms that are signs of fertility and cycle changes, many of which you already experience and don't even know it!

Module 6: Special Cycle Scenarios

Sometimes we wake up later than we usually do and it screws up our temperature. Other times we've tracked everything and still temperature never rises or cervical fluid never peaks and you're left going WTF? In module 6 we cover exactly what to do with disturbed temps (as we call them) and anovulatory cycles, where maybe ovulation didn't happen, so that you can continue tracking with ease and confidence.

Module 7.jpg
Module 7.jpg

Module 7: Your Cycle After Birth Control

When you're in the first 3 to 6 months or so off of hormonal birth control your charts will look, well, confusing. That's because your brain and body are in the process of trying to remember how to ovulate after, likely, years of not ovulating at all. It will take time for your charts to normalize and we'll explore exactly how to keep charting safely during that time.

Module 8: Spotting Cycle Imbalances

In module 8 we explore how to use your cycle tracking charts to uncover menstrual cycle imbalances that could be leaving you stuck with painful cramps, heavy periods, irregular cycles, future fertility struggles, and more. With this information you can have empowered conversations with your health care providers and *actually* get healing support for the root cause instead of a band-aid solution.

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Module 9: Natural Menstrual Cycle Support

We'll take a deep dive into the simple & natural foods, supplements, & lifestyle shifts that can help create a healthy, regular, easy period and menstrual cycle. After spotting potential cycle imbalances in module 8, module 9 sweeps in with the resources & tools to help get relief from period problems & cycle struggles naturally!

Module 10: Tough Choices & Convos

  • Making The Tough Decisions - When using natural birth control there will come times when you have to make tough decisions. Do we need a condom? Did I miss a crucial day of tracking? We'll explore how to make the tough choices to ensure you can continue to use the method with confidence.

  • Talking With Partners, Doctors, and Friends - People will have lots questions and even more preconceived notions about FAMs. In module 10 you will learn how to navigate these crucial conversations with partners, doctors, and friends in an empowered way.

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand
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Module 11: Cycle Syncing Your Life

Now that you know exactly where you are in your cycle, it's time to start living in alignment with it. In module 11 you'll learn how to honor the different phases of your cycle and embrace foods, movement, sex, work-life, and decision making practices that meet you exactly where you are.

Module 12: Manifest That Sh*t

By module 12 you'll be feeling like a total wild woman. You'll know your body better than ever before. You'll literally be going with the flow. For our final module together, we'll explore how to use this deep connection to your body - to your natural, primal rhythms - to get REAL about what you want in life, call out any roadblocks, and make your dreams come true. Wild woman style.

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"Working with Brandy has made me feel 100% confident using natural birth control after my IUD.

With the Natural Birth Control Academy I have been able to regulate my cycle + switch to natural birth control. Brandy is so knowledgeable. Working with her & being in her energy is contagious!"
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"The Natural Birth Control Academy gave me the sexual education that I had been missing. Brandy offers an education that I never received in school, nor did I receive from my health care providers.

And I was able to transition off of hormonal birth control for a natural birth control method -- which is incredible because I used to have a constant fear of being pregnant!

I am so grateful for the Natural Birth Control Academy!"




"Brandy's empowering approach to menstrual health is unmatched. I am finally in tune with my body for the first time in +15 years!

I feel 100% confident in my ability to use FAM as natural birth control after working with her!"


"I've learned more about my cycle in the last 3-4 months then I ever have in my life! It feels so good to be off hormonal birth control. I finally feel like I am in my true womanhood. Learning about my natural phases has been amazing and getting in tune with them is one of the best things I've done for myself!

And, since working with Brandy I've seen incredible physical results too like...

a heightened sex drive
> more energy around ovulation
> I know when I'm ovulating!
healed my 10 year struggle with headaches 

I'm already telling my friends to work with Brandy too!"
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"Working with Brandy I felt comforted in the knowledge that the natural birth control method is based on the science of how our bodies and our reproductive systems work.

It is incredibly empowering to have this new knowledge about my menstrual cycle!"
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The best thing about Natural Birth Control Academy?

The Community.



​You will be a member of an entire cohort of women who are also ready to break free from hormonal birth control and prevent pregnancy naturally using cycle tracking tools. You will have the opportunity for group study, discussions, & collaboration - as well as a community of women who are excited to support you, share their experiences, and cheer you on every step of the way.

When I first started teaching women to use the sympto-thermal method I only taught the method in 1-on-1 mentorships, but it soon became clear that these women were craving something that was missing...


They were wanting other women to share their journeys with - Other women who have been where they are - Women who want similar things - Women who can support and celebrate and comfort them as they step into their power.

And, that's exactly what you get with Natural Birth Control Academy.

What You Get

12 Course Modules + The Online Course Portal

In the course modules & online portal Brandy will walk you step-by-step through all of the course content, teachings, & lessons. The Best Part? You get unlimited access to the course modules for the *lifetime* of the course!   

Weekly 1-on-1 Office Hours w/Brandy

You'll also get access to Brandy's office hours each week to get personalized support & attention. These calls are perfect for reviewing your personal cycle charts to make sure you're getting the rules 100% correct in your own cycle!

(Current Office Hours- Wednesdays 12-4pm EDT)

*Subject to change. Special accommodations can be made.

Monthly *Live* Group Calls w/Brandy

You'll get access to a LIVE call each month to connect with the other women in the course, get answers to your questions, do *live* practice charts with Brandy, & participate in empowering menstrual health convos. Special guests like yoni steam educators, pelvic floor therapists, & more often in attendance! 

Wild Woman
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3 Months of Unlimited Access to the

Sauvage Wellness Training Vault... for free!



​The Training Vault is our hub of advanced menstrual cycle trainings & masterclasses combined with cycle-themed yoga classes & meditations to help you take everything you learn in the Natural Birth Control Academy to the next level.

This exclusive membership-style hub is only available to participants & graduates of the Natural Birth Control Academy, and you get 3 months for free by enrolling today!

The Sauvage Wellness Training Vault features trainings & classes like...

Transitioning Off of Hormonal Birth Control Masterclass Guide (1).jpg

How To Transition Off of Hormonal Birth Control

In this training you will get a step-by-step look at how to transition off of hormonal birth control will ease, confidence, & fewer symptoms using simple food, supplements, & lifestyle shifts. *This is my most in-demand masterclass of all time! ($397 Value)

Seasons of the Menstrual Cycle

In this masterclass you'll learn how to recognize and honor each season of your menstrual cycle with food, movement, and lifestyle practices so that you can embrace your natural rhythms, feel more at peace in your life, and finally live in alignment with your body. ($197 value)

Seasons of the Menstrual Cycle (2).jpg
Period Prep Rituals Guide (1).jpg

Period Prep Rituals

You’ll learn 8 natural, wild rituals to help you prepare for an easy, comfortable period each month. We’ll look at 3 different areas of period prep including food + supplements, body treatments, & mindset magic. ($197 Value)

Ditch Period Cramps w/ Food + Lifestyle Shifts

 In this masterclass you'll learn simple food, supplement, & lifestyle changes that can have a BIG impact on relieving cramps naturally without hormonal birth control or painkillers. ($197 Value)

Get Rid of Period Cramps Training (3).jpg
website 3.jpg

Yoga Flow Classes for each Menstrual Phase

An online library of yoga + meditation classes featuring favorites like yoga classes for each phase of your cycle, brain retraining practices, & womb meditations. 

($30/mo. value)

New Classes + Trainings Added Regularly!

Trainings & classes are 30-90 minutes long and are often hosted with a LIVE attendance option. Requests accepted! (Value: $150-$397 per training)

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Enrollment is Open!


Save your spot today!

Course Value: $1,500 | Your Insider Pricing: $1,000


Choose the option that
works best for you:
  • 6 monthly payments of $175

Payment Plan #1

  • 3 monthly payments of $350

Payment Plan #2

  • 1 payment of $1,000

Pay In Full

*After payment is made you will receive course enrollment details via email within 2 business days.

*By enrolling in this course you agree to our standard Terms & Conditions and the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.


Want to chat before you even get started?

I want to make sure that we vibe, that you dig my style, & that you're excited to spend the next several months with me... BEFORE you dive in.

This work is intimate, deep, and transformative. We'll need trust, authenticity, & soulful connection to one another in order to get you the results you desire and deserve.

Not everyone is ready for this deep work.

Not everyone is ready for my style & flow, which is a mix of soul-centered yogi + potty-mouthed sex talker. 

But, for those who are - I am ready for you. 

Let's get to know one another a little better and explore if the Natural Birth Control Academy is a good fit for you!

Kate Neifeld.jpg


"Brandy is a total pro. She is so knowledgeable, open, & comforting.

She knows what she's doing and she is really good at it!

I feel so much more empowered and educated about my body."

This course includes everything you need to ditch hormonal birth control & copper IUDs for good.

Wild Woman

A little more about me...

I'm a free spirit + wild heart meets valedictorian + CEO. 

I feels things deeply, I love hard, & I find life to be a mind-blowing adventure. But, most of all, I am obsessed with helping women reclaim their menstrual rhythms, unlock their primal potential, and set the world on fire.

I'm a food as medicine, mindset as magic, & soul as sacred kinda girl. I will show you how to release the restraints of invasive birth control methods, break free from menstrual suppression, & live life as it was meant to be lived - wild + free.

But, why me? I'm glad you asked.


Photo by: Amanda Young Photography

This used to be me...

before pic.jpg
Post Surgery Photo.jpg

In 2010, I was 20 lbs overweight, struggling with a decade of eating disorders, & newly diagnosed with cancer.

I had had 40+ yeast infections, daily anxiety attacks, & painful (& mysterious!) digestive health struggles in just 4 years caused by the birth control pill.

I was completely disconnected from my body. 

I ignored (read: suppressed) my menstrual cycle, my periods, & my fertility so that I could grind through life.

I felt like I was broken. I felt like my body was rejecting me. I was tired of feeling like a stranger in my body AND worrying about what the synthetic birth control hormones were doing to me. I wanted to live as naturally as possible. I wanted to feel healthy, vibrant, & fun. I wanted to feel like myself again.

I was so defeated and fed up, until...

I decided that I didn't have to live like that if I didn't want to.

hormone health program.jpg

I began scouring the internet & my community spaces for natural birth control resources.

And, that's when I discovered fertility awareness methods.

I worked with my first FAM Educator at age 23 and it changed my life forever.

I ditched hormonal birth control + learned how to use fertility awareness methods of natural birth control.

I cultivated a full-on menstrual cycle love affair and started having the best periods of my life.

I stopped having yeast infections, daily anxiety attacks, & chronic gut health complications.

I even lost 20 lbs!

And, it's not just me. You can do it too.

I don't have something that you don't have. We have the same built-in superpowers, you and me.

Our menstrual cycles.

Our intuition.

Our wild, feminine rhythms.

That's all you need.

What you are missing, however, is someone to show you how to tap into your superpowers.


That's where I come in.


Let this be the year that everything changes for you.

Enrollment is Open!


Save your spot today!

Course Value: $1,500 | Your Insider Pricing: $1,000


Choose the option that
works best for you:
  • 6 monthly payments of $175

Payment Plan #1

  • 3 monthly payments of $350

Payment Plan #2

  • 1 payment of $1,000

Pay In Full

*After payment is made you will receive course enrollment details via email within 2 business days.

*By enrolling in this course you agree to our standard Terms & Conditions and the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why don't we just use a device like Natural Cycles, Daysy, or a fertility app?

Femtech devices like Natural Cycles, Daysy, & fertility tracking apps use temperature tracking, past cycles, & an algorithm to determine the opening and closing of the fertile window. Because temperature is progesterone dependent, it can only accurately be used to CLOSE the fertile window. Temperature does not tell us when we need to OPEN the fertile window. Basing the opening of the fertile window on past cycles or an algorithm is a prediction (aka a guess) that is not based on real-time information from your current menstrual cycle. That is not the most effective way to use fertility awareness as birth control. The most accurate way to open the fertile window is using real-time cervical fluid tracking + its corresponding rules, which you will learn how to do in the Natural Birth Control Academy. Many femtech devices that allows users to input cervical fluid data do NOT actually use it to determine the "fertile" and "infertile" days it shows the user. The Sympto-Thermal Double Check Method uses both cervical fluid & temperature, PLUS additional tracking sings, AND 4 specific rules that allows you to open & close your fertile window based on information from your current cycle. 

I'm on hormonal birth control or the copper IUD, can I still participate in the Natural Birth Control Academy course?

Yes, you can still participate in the Natural Birth Control Academy if you're on hormonal birth control or the copper IUD. Your experience, however, will be different than what has been outlined here on this page. Most types of hormonal birth control prevent ovulation and suppress a woman's menstrual cycle which means that there would be no natural cycle to track, connect to, or live in alignment with. The four natural phases of the menstrual cycle are shut down. Even the periods many women get on hormonal birth control aren't even real periods, they're chemical bleeds. To get the most out of the Natural Birth Control it is recommended that participants are not on hormonal birth control OR that they plan to transition off of it while in the course. With that being said, if you're excited to learn the information and don't mind waiting until you go off of hormonal birth control at a later date to apply the information to your personal cycle, you are more than welcome to join us in the course and learn all about this empowering natural birth control method!

For users of the copper IUD - The copper IUD can greatly alter the natural cervical fluid fluctuations of the menstrual cycle making cervical fluid tracking nearly impossible for some users. Temperature, however, can still be accurately tracked for most folks on the copper IUD. You do continue to ovulate, menstruate, & experience all phases of the menstrual cycle while on the copper IUD.

I'm newly off of hormonal birth control and I haven't gotten a regular cycle and/or period back yet. Will the Natural Birth Control Academy still work for me?

That's okay! In the Natural Birth Control Academy we can explore ways to support the return of ovulation, healthy periods, and a regular menstrual cycle using food, supplements, & lifestyle shifts (modules 9 & 10!). In fact, living in alignment with your menstrual cycle is a great way to encourage the return of a healthy period. You may not have the opportunity to track for 3 full menstrual cycles during your time in the course as intended, but you will learn how to use the method, get hands-on practice with it, and explore how to support the return of your cycle in the meantime. I recommend that anyone who is newly off of hormonal birth control plan to work with me or a member of the Sauvage Wellness team for at least 3 to 6 full menstrual cycles for chart reviews to ensure that they are applying the rules of the method correctly to their own cycles.

I'm not on birth control, but I don't get regular periods (or maybe any periods). Can I still participate in the Natural Birth Control Academy?

That's okay, too! If your periods are irregular or your struggle with conditions like PCOS the practices you'll learn in the Natural Birth Control Academy can help promote regular periods for some women. In fact, I've had clients achieve natural periods after a lifetime of PCOS using the practices outlined in the Natural Birth Control Academy. You will, however, want to plan for frequent 1-on-1 office hours calls to learn the additional tracking rule for folks with PCOS & irregular cycles, as well as to get expert support with your more challenging cycle tracking scenario. The ultimate goal is to support the creation of a regular cycle so that the more difficult irregular cycles charting scenario is alleviated over time. PLUS, the body wants to ovulate regularly!

I've never tracked my cycle before. I don't even really think about my cycle that much. Is that okay?

When you first learned to drive a car you probably had never done that before either, but look at you now - You probably drive every single day! Learning how to cycle track is very similar. You may not know how to do it now (because you're just starting!), but after learning from someone who has been doing it successfully for years (that's me!) you'll be cycle tracking  every day with ease and confidence. The Natural Birth Control Academy is the perfect place to learn how to track your cycle!

I don't have the same wake-up time every day & I'm worried temperature tracking wont work for me. What can I do?

You don't have to wake up at the same time every  day in order to safely & effectively use the sympto-thermal double check method taught in the Natural Birth Control Academy. There is a simple formula for adjusting temperatures on the days that you wake up earlier or later than usual. Some folks even choose to invest in TempDrop, an arm band thermometer that takes your temperature for you automatically while you're sleeping. 

I'm so worried about getting pregnant. How can I feel more confident that this will really work?

Every single person who has ever participated in the Natural Birth Control Academy has had this same worry when first starting out. In fact, I felt it too over a decade ago when I began my natural birth control journey. The truth is that, like with anything new, confidence comes from doing it. It comes from learning how it works and hands-on practice. Most course participants are shocked by how confident they feel so early on in the course. Most participants express feelings of immense confidence in the method by module 6 because the beginning portion of the course is so full of practice charts & opportunities to put the method into practice.

The financial investment makes me feel nervous. Do you offer any financial support?

Yes! Not everyone is in a position to spend money all up front, and I get that. I've been there, too. You really want to do something, you know it's perfect for you, and then you look at the price and your heart sinks. I don't want the Natural Birth Control Academy to make you feel bad, I want it to make you feel GREAT! That's why it's set up like a membership so that you don't have to pay for everything all up front. There are 3 different mentoring packages starting at just $287/mo and you get to choose the one that works best for you!

Real Talk - What kind of results can I expect?

All of the results you see on this page are from real Sauvage Wellness clients who voluntarily chose to share their experiences with you. They were so thrilled by their results that they wanted you to know about them - pretty cool, huh?! I've witness my course participants find 100% confidence in this natural birth control method, heal their period cramps, get rid of pms, shorten their periods, get relief from debilitating endometriosis, become mesmerized by their bodies, and so much more! The truth is that if you want BIG results in the course, then you've got to show up in a BIG way - ready to change old habits, break free from limiting beliefs, and trust that your menstrual cycle truly is your superpower!
DISCLAIMER: Neither Brandy Oswald nor Sauvage Wellness LLC guarantee any specific results our outcomes. Testimonials shared on this page are from real clients, but may not be typical for all participants. Each participants results will vary. You alone are responsible for your actions and results which are dependent on personal factors including your genuine participation in sessions, ability to apply program resources, dedication, menstrual health scenario, and more. There is no promise or representation that you will have no cramps, pms, or any other period symptoms. Any symptomatic relief and menstrual cycle scenarios are possibilities, but there is no guarantee that you will obtain these results yourself. If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team at info@sauvagewellness.com


By participating in this training you recognize that neither Brandy Oswald, Sauvage Wellness, or any of our employees are doctors, nurses, physicians, psychotherapists, or in anyway licensed medical practitioners and neither Sauvage Wellness nor Brandy Oswald has promised, or will: (1) provide medical advice; (2) provide 100% effective birth control options; (3) or guarantee the successful prevention of pregnancy. This training is a specialized form of education and is not the same as professional or licensed medical advice and intervention; and you recognize that it is your responsibility to seek such services from a licensed professional. Even as a trained fertility awareness instructor and coach, Brandy Oswald is not a medical provider and do not give medical advice. All information provided in this training is of a general nature and is intended only for educational purposes to help with your personal health and life improvement goals and should not be relied on as medical advice. Always consult a physician with any health concerns and  prior to changing your lifestyle, birth control, or prescription medicine routine.  Should you choose to use the information provided by Brandy Oswald, Sauvage Wellness, and the Natural Birth Control Academy course it is of your own volition and you recognize that neither Brandy Oswald nor Sauvage Wellness LLC is not held liable for any intended or unintended outcomes.

((Basically - I am not a doctor. You are in control. Make smart choices.))

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