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8 Common Mistakes Using THINX Period Panties

You’re interested in trying THINX reusable period panties, but you just can’t get over the terrifying feeling that you’re going to f*ck it up. It’s true the stakes are high. We’re talking blood-stained pants and public embarrassment. That’s why today we’re addressing 8 common mistakes I see with newbies using THINX and how to avoid them. Say hello to a leak-free, comfy-cozy period future!

8 Common Mistakes Using THINX Period Panties

1. Only Buying 1 Pair To Start

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - only purchasing one pair of THINX to begin is a mistake. You’ll only be able to test out one style and one absorbency level, which isn’t a comprehensive introduction to the product or the brand. Everyone and every flow is different, so you’ll want to try a variety of styles to really get a personalized period experience. The other issue is that with one pair you’ll only get to wear them once and then have to use pads or tampons until you’re able to wash and use them again. It’s challenging to get a good feel for anything that you’ve only used once. Lastly, the biggest issue here is that you will want more - guaranteed. In my experience, the average period week takes about 5-9 pairs of THINX depending on if you’re using them alone and/or do wash part way through your cycle. THINX offers an awesome cycle set discount for anyone who purchases 3 or more pairs of panties. You’ll get 10-20% off when you stack up PLUS an extra $10 off when you shop using my leader page link here.

2. Avoiding Changing On The Go

Perhaps the biggest question I get from THINX newbies is what do you do if you need to change your THINX on the go? Many assume that if you’re out of the house all day with work, events, and going to the gym then you have to revert back to your old period routine of pads, tampons, or cups. However, that’s not the case. I frequently wear only THINX even if I’m going to be on-the-go all day. I just toss a drawstring gym back into my purse to put my used panties in and give them a rinse at home at the end of the day.

3. Avoiding Exercise

Here’s another biggie - lots of people who are new to THINX feel as if they need to avoid working out in them, which is not true. THINX panties are designed for lifestyles of all kinds, including active lifestyles. In fact, they have several designs specifically for those who love physical activity including the sport panties, running shorts, and leotards. Yup, that’s right, you can now own running shorts that keep you leak free. And, if you ask me, the sport panty is the comfiest one they have on the market! It’s high-cut on the legs with lots of room for movement, low-cut in the front so it doesn’t squish your belly, and full-coverage in the back so it doesn’t ride up as you get your ride on. A sporty babe’s dream.

4. Only Wearing The Highest Absorbency

This might be my most regrettable mistake from when I first began using THINX. I was SO terrified of leaks that I only used the THINX undies with the highest absorbency. This meant that I was missing out on great comfort and ease on medium and light days AND depriving myself of what have become my two favorite styles - the Sport and the Cheeky. Investing in a cycle set that comfortably accommodates all the phases of your period is the most enjoyable way to use THINX. Trust in the science (but really it feels like magic) of the panties and treat yourself to the cozy light day styles too.

5. Refusing To Wear Them On Their Own

When you’re new to THINX it seems almost unfathomable that the thin, lining of these panties can actually hold up to 2 tampons worth of discharge - but it’s true they do! For folks with heavier flows who go through tampons quickly on heavy days, you will likely find that it better fits your flow to use THINX as a back up to tampons or cups on those days. For others, THINX hip-huggers may be all they need even on their heavy days. However, for us all, THINX is strong, durable, and capable to handle medium and light day flows. Treat yourself to added freedom and comfort by ditching tampons and cups on your lighter days and enjoying a free-flowing good time. Plus, you’ll be keeping those bloody tampons out of our landfills, too. Win, win.

6. Washing With Light Colors Or Warm Water

All THINX panties are intended to be washed with dark colors and cold water. We’re talking about blood-filled panties here, so even though you gave them a good hand rinse after you wore them, the risk of them, well, bleeding onto other clothing items in the wash is very real. Washing with dark colors and cold water helps alleviate this concern. I have never, in the 6+ years I’ve used THINX, had them leak onto other clothing items in the wash when following these instructions.

7. Putting Them In The Dryer

Another big no-no, is drying your THINX panties in the dryer. All THINX apparel items are meant to air dried. This is because the heat from the dryer shortens the lifespan of the products and can compromise their effectiveness.

8. Never Wearing White Pants

Here’s a mistake you never thought you’d see on a period mistakes list, am I right? One of my favorite things about THINX is that they make wearing your favorite white pants on your period okay again. With their beige panty options you can now bleed happily and safely while wearing your favorite white pants. For years I made the mistake of not investing in a pair of beige THINX panties because I figured they would become a blood-stained mess, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. All of the beige (and colored) panty options are lined with the same black lining as the traditional black panties. And, if for some reason you do leak through to the beige side, leaks come out with ease with just a little stain remover. Been there, seen it. So, girl, get those white pants back out!

Are you ready to get started on your THINX journey or add some extra styles to your period routine? Treat yourself to $10 off at checkout when shopping through my leader page here. You’ll also get the inside look into my favorite THINX styles and all my sneak tips and tricks for using THINX.

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