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How to overcome the fear of using natural birth control

Have you been reading about using cycle tracking as natural birth control and feeling riddled with worry, hesitation, and resistance?

What if I get pregnant? What if I f*ck it up? What if I can't do it? What if it's too hard/too confusing/doesn't work?

You are not alone. In fact, many women who have been using natural birth control with ease and confidence for years first started out with the same fears and hesitations you’re experiencing now.

Joining me today is Alicia Short - a former Sauvage Wellness client who has been using cycle tracking as natural birth control and is here to share how she overcame the biggest and most common fears & hesitations when it comes to using the sympto-thermal method of natural birth control.

When I first met Alicia she had been on hormonal birth control since high school and was tired of worrying about its impact on her health. She wanted a natural birth control option that didn’t alter her natural hormone production. HOWEVER, she was terrified of unplanned pregnancy, dreading using condoms all the time, and trusting a method that wasn’t the hormonal methods that are so commonly used.

I am so excited to have Alicia here today because she so beautifully overcame these initial fears that I see SO many women struggling with and has been using the sympto-thermal method of natural birth control successfully for a year now!

Here's what you can expect in today's episode...

>> The most common fears & hesitations that women experience around using cycle tracking as natural birth control

>> Why EDUCATION is the KEY to overcoming worry and fear about using the sympto-thermal method of natural birth control

>> How to deal with resistance from partners, friends, & family members who just don't get it

>> Alicia's advice for anyone who's interested in switching to the sympto-thermal method of natural birth control but feeling nervous

Because the sympto-thermal method isn’t taught in health class, sex ed., or at the doctor’s office we are not used to it and we do not much about know it. As with most things we don’t know about or are trying for the first time there tends to be some level of fear and anxiety. I don’t know about you, but some of the most amazing things in my life are the things I embarked on that were entirely new. Just a few months from now, you could be saying the same thing about natural birth control!

As Alicia highlights in our chat today, the key to overcoming fear and hesitation around using natural birth control is EDUCATION - to educate ourselves and our partners about this safe, effective, and natural method.

If you’re ready to learn more about natural birth control, I want to help! Let’s chat 1-on-1! You can set up a free info session with me here.

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