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The partner's perspective on using natural birth control

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

"I want to use cycle tracking as natural birth control, but my partner is really resistant. I'm ready to get off of hormonal birth control and start tracking, but he doesn't trust it. What do I do?!"

"I was about to hook up with a guy, so I told him that I'm not on the pill or IUD because I use cycle tracking as natural birth control. Even though I always use a condom with a new guy, he still didn't feel comfortable having sex. How do I help him understand that it's safe and effective?"

"Guys never asked me if I was on birth control when I was using the pill or IUD so I didn't bring it up, but if I bring up that I use cycle tracking methods I get ghosted immediately. Ugh, wtf?!"

Do any of these sound like your situation? Girrlll, you are not alone. I hear these frustrations from clients all the time.

Most men don't understand how a woman's fertility works or that cycle tracking methods of birth control even exist, much less the fact that they can be extremely effective. Honestly, the same goes for most women, too. People don't know - and what we don't know, we tend to fear or shy away from as humans.

The key for our partners to feel comfortable using cycle tracking methods of natural birth control is EDUCATION. And that's exactly what we're sharing on today's episode of Menstrual Mastery.

Joining me today is an EXTRA special guest - My real-life fiance, Hannes - and he's giving all the guys out there an inside look at what it's like to be the partner of a babe who uses the sympto-thermal method of natural birth control!

 In today’s episode we’ll cover… 

 -- The biggest fears, worries, & hesitations male partners experience in regards to using the sympto-thermal method of natural birth control  

-- Why asking questions and being an active participant in birth control conversations is KEY to men feeling confident and comfortable with their partners using cycle tracking as natural birth control 

 -- The answer to the question everyone loves to ask... Does he finish inside me without a condom?  

-- Hannes' top 3 tips for men to feel confident & comfortable engaging with a woman who uses cycle tracking as natural birth control  

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