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How to use THINX Reusable Period Underwear

You’ve seen the ads everywhere from social media, to the NYC subway, to my very own Instagram account - THINX period underwear are more popular than ever. And yet, if you’ve never tried them before, you’re likely wondering how the hell do I actually use THINX reusable period underwear?!

You’re in luck. Today, I’m sharing simple, cycle-specific instructions to help you get started using THINX.

When I first began using THINX period underwear in 2015, the company was still new and very few people were talking about their periods on the internet let alone how to use period underwear. As a newbie, I had to rely on the instructions provided by the THINX website and some pretty nerve-wracking trial and error. Well, lucky for you, I’ve worked out the kinks and have some leak-safe tips for getting started on your own THINX adventure.

How To Use THINX Reusable Period Underwear

1. Buy a cycle set

Do yourself and your wallet a favor, buy a cycle set with 3-5 panties as your first THINX purchase. One pair is really only enough to try them without getting a true feel for what it’s like to use THINX on the full light, medium, and heavy days of your cycle. Buying one pair just makes you want more. Trust me, I’ve been there. And, it’s much cheaper to buy several pairs at once because with THINX’s cycle set discount you’ll get 10-20% off your purchase. Plus when you use this link you’ll get an extra $10 off at checkout.

2. Buy a few different styles

Your flow isn’t the same on every day of your cycle and your period panties shouldn’t be the same either. Invest in panty options for your light, medium, and heavy days to maximize your comfort throughout your period. My faves are hip hugger and cotton bikini for heavy days, sport for medium days, and cheeky for light days.

3. Start Early

Start wearing your THINX before your period begins to minimize a surprise arrival. Wearing cheekys or the THINX thong the day before your period is set to appear is a great way to avoid having your period catch you off guard.

4. Wear them on their own or as back up

THINX period underwear can be worn entirely on their own or as backup for tampons and cups. I have worn THINX on their own for years and LOVE it. Free flowing is such a, well, freeing experience. For those with a heavy flow who bleed through tampons quickly, you may find it to be more comfortable to use THINX as backup on your heavy days before transitioning to using them on their own on medium and light days.

5. Hand rinse when you change them out

Once you’ve maxed out your panties and need to change into another pair simply remove them, rinse them out in the sink with cold water, and hang them to dry. If you need to change on the go like at work or the gym, carry a drawstring bag with you to toss your used pair into and rinse them out when you get home.

6. Wash on laundry day with your dark color items

When you’re ready to do a load of laundry, toss your used THINX panties in with your dark colors and wash on cold.

7. Hang up to dry

Seriously. Do not put your THINX in the dryer. It will rough them up, decrease their ability to absorb effectively, and shorten their lifespan.

8. Tell all your friends how obsessed you are with THINX panties

Okay, this one isn’t mandatory, but you’ll likely find that it’s unavoidable. Once you’ve been liberated from pads and tampons and experience that freeing feeling of taking your period into your own hands, you’ll be ready to shout your THINX praises loudly and proudly. They’re cute. They’re super effective. And, they’re saving the environment from disposable period supplies. What’s not to love?!

Ready to get started using THINX? Treat yourself to $10 off by shopping through my THINX Leader Page here! Ps. The $10 off can be applied to any panty or clothing item, the reusable tampon applicator, and more!

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