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Natural Birth Control - Is it doctor approved?

Have you ever wondered - What do doctors think about natural birth control? Why don't they ever mention cycle tracking methods as an option?

If so, you're not alone.

Conventionally-trained doctors and nurses are not taught much, if anything, about cycle tracking methods of natural birth control in med school or nursing school. They are not taught how to teach you these types of fertility awareness methods.

That means that your primary care physician and even gynecologist are probably not trained to teach or use cycle tracking as natural birth control.

As a result they very rarely mention that these methods are an option for pregnancy prevention. And, who can blame them - I mean, most of us don't go around teaching people things we don't know much about.

Unfortunately, however, where is the #1 place a woman goes when she wants to learn more about natural birth control options? Her doctor.

Can you see now, why this hasn't really been the best strategy?

So, what's a girl to do? I've got just the thing...

Today I'm joined by Naturopathic Doctor Nicole Kearney who specializes in many areas of natural wellness including women's hormonal health. For anyone who doesn't know, naturopathic physicians are the doctors of the natural medicine world. They are trained at four year medical schools in the same basic sciences as a conventional doctor and then get additional training on alternative treatments including herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, dietary changes, and more. Their goal is to take a holistic approach to each patient so that they can really get to the bottom of what is causing health concerns.

One of the things I love about Dr. Nicole is that she brings together the conventional and naturopathic approaches to prescribe both prescription medications and natural herbs, supplements, & practices based on what each client needs and feels comfortable using.

Contrary to conventional doctors, many naturopaths, Dr. Nicole included, see patients who are using cycle tracking methods of natural birth control like the sympto-thermal method that I teach here at Sauvage Wellness. In today's episode Dr. Nicole gives us her expert-opinion on the sympto-thermal method --- Does it work? Is it safe? Who does it work best for?

She also gives us the down 'n dirty truth about some of the most common women's health myths towards the end of the episode.


Here's what you'll get in today's episode:

>> The most common side effects & impacts of hormonal birth control that nobody seems to be talking about

>> Do these side effects go away? And, how long will it take?

>> The Sympto-Thermal Method of Natural Birth Control: Does it work? Is it safe? Who does it works best for?

>> The #1 difference between women who use cycle tracking as natural birth control and those who don't

>> Do we need to have our periods?! (Oh yeah, we're going there.)

>> Why the period you get on the pill is *NOT* a real period!

If you enjoyed this episode of Menstrual Mastery, you'll want to check out the Natural Birth Control Academy - my group course for women who want to learn how to use cycle tracking as natural birth control so that they can break free from hormonal birth control (& a lifetime of condoms), reclaim their natural rhythms, and prevent pregnancy 100% on their own whenever they're ready!

Early enrollment for the Fall class of the Natural Birth Control Academy is now open. The course is $200 off until 10/15 and includes an epic early enrollment bonus! Our first class session is November 5th. Will I see you there?! Get all the details here!

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