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How she found natural relief for endometriosis

Today we're talking about endometriosis - The debilitating disorder that an estimated 6.5 million women are living with in the US. It's unbelievable painful, can take nearly a decade to diagnose, and is notorious for causing fertility issues.

Maybe you've heard a friend mention that she has endometriosis or heard a celebrity talk about living with endo, but it's imperative that you better understand this condition so that you can get help if you're struggling, support your friends with endo, and raise awareness of the impacts of this painful women's health condition.

Many women living with endometriosis find themselves completely debilitated by overwhelmingly painful periods & ovulation, digestive discomfort, severe bloating, chronic all-over body pain, and very heavy periods. Untreated, it is crippling. Most find themselves unable to carry on with their every day life - work, exercise, diet, sleep, family, sex, everything - and are often told that their only hope is invasive surgery and a lifetime of hormonal birth control.

Joining me today is Audrey Beaumier. Audrey is a former Sauvage Wellness client, jewelry designer, and badass woman living woman living with endometriosis. She came to me with hopes of easing endometriosis symptoms naturally after chronic pain and debilitating menstrual symptoms had completely derailed her life.

Her once active lifestyle filled with running races, hiking mountains, and a bustling social life came crashing down under the crippling pain of endometriosis symptoms... But her story doesn't end there.

Through our work together Audrey was able to have painfree periods & ovulation, break free from chronic all-over body pain, and finally feel like herself again. As she reclaimed her health, her body, & her life Audrey was able to get back to her active lifestyle after just 5 weeks of working together!

Audrey is here today to share her experience using mindset magic and brain retraining tools to decrease endometriosis-related pain and menstrual symptoms so that she could get back to her favorite activities, launch her jewelry business, and reclaim her power!

Here's what you can expect in today's episode:

>> What exactly is endometriosis?

>> A real-life look at the crippling impact of endometriosis

>> What is brain retraining & why it helps with endometriosis pain

>> A simple step-by-step brain retraining practice you can use at home!

>> Audrey's real-life transformation from debilitating periods to painfree periods WITHOUT hormonal birth control or invasive treatments

>> Audrey's advice and top resources for anyone living endometriosis (including those who are struggling to receive a diagnosis!)

I am so grateful Audrey joined us today to share how she was able to reclaim her life after being diagnosed with endometriosis. shares that researchers believe that more than 6 ½ million Americans are living with endometriosis. And, many women go as long as a decade before receiving a proper diagnosis to be told that their only hope is surgery and a lifetime of hormonal birth control. This is unacceptable and women like Audrey are out there proving that it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you’re interested in learning more about Audrey, her story, and the jewelry line that has been inspired by her health and fertility journey you can find her at So Beau Studio.

Do you struggle with chronic pain due to endometriosis and want a natural, non-invasive relief tool that is empowering beyond belief? Let’s chat! Schedule a free info session with me here.

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