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Why pooping is crucial for balanced hormones...

Did you know that you’ve been pooping wrong your entire life? Don’t worry, I wasn’t aware of this either. I’d gone most of my life pooping how I was taught - sit on the toilet, rest your feet on the floor, don’t push too hard, and as my mom still says to this day “flush, spray, and wash your hands.” It was working out just fine, or so I thought.

You see, I’ve struggled with constipation on and off my entire life. I’ll spare you the unattractive details, but let’s just say things haven’t always flowed smoothly for me in that department. With the encouragement of doctor’s I’ve tried prune juice, eating more fiber, wearing loose clothing, and taking more probiotics than I can even count. I’ve even been told by doctors to take stool softeners and laxatives, but with a simple Google search for side effects I quickly decided that road wasn’t worth it.

Proper waste elimination, aka pooping, is vital to optimal health and a crucial part of our bodies hormone-balancing processes. Pooping is one of the body’s primary ways of eliminating waste and excess hormones that our bodies no longer need. Without effective elimination we’re often left with an abundance of health issues including hormonal imbalances like estrogen dominance. The truth is that if you're not pooping regularly (like every damn day) then you've got an excess of waste and likely a build up of estrogen that could be the cause of issues like acne and brutal pms. Because of my own history of estrogen dominance (more on this soon!), I wanted to relieve my constipation issues asap and start pooping better.

In an effort to do it naturally, I spent years overhauling my diet - eating clean and ditching pre-packaged items with never-ending ingredient lists. I ate fiber and healthy fats to act as, umm, lubrication. While I saw some improvement from time to time, I didn’t experience that euphoric relieve of constipation that only those of us who have spent our lives constipated know deep in our soul until I got myself a… wait for it…

Pooping stool.

Yup, you read that correctly. There’s a stool that helps you poop better and it’s everything you never knew you always wanted. My favorite is the Squatty Potty, because how can you not love a poop stool with a name like that.

There’s just about zero installation needed and no instructions necessary. You simply slide the stool around the base of the toilet, place one foot on either side of the stool’s platform, and, well, do your business.

Here’s why it will revolutionize the way you poop…

We’ve been pooping wrong since the invention of the modern toilet. Today’s toilets are far too high for our colons to be in their most optimal position for waste elimination. Essentially, the poop is there waiting, but it can’t get out.


A poop stool helps bring your knees closer to your chest so that your body is in more of a squatting position, as it was meant to be for pristine pooping. We may have evolved from our caveman days, but the body’s pooping preferences have not. It prefers to be in a squatting position with our chest leaning slightly forward. A poop stool helps you achieve this shape with ease.

If it sounds too good to be true for all of you living in constipation nation, it’s not. It’s absolutely fantastic. Prior to getting a poop stool my mornings used to go a little something like this…

Get up. Drink warm lemon water, cross my fingers, and hope to God that I can finally poop today. Wait twenty minutes, stare down the bathroom, and try to psych myself up for a good poop sesh. Sit on the toilet for what feels like forever. Push. Push harder. Push a terrifying amount. Nothing happens. Get up defeated and have to stare at my boyfriend as he wonders why I was in the bathroom for 35 minutes but didn’t need to flush the toilet.

Now with a poop stool my mornings are a breeze and go more like this…

Get up. Walk to bathroom. Sit on toilet. Place feet on poop stool. Swipe on Pinterest for 3-5 minutes. Poop to my heart’s delight. Flush, spray, & wash my hands. Walk out feeling like a million bucks.

So, if you want to level-up your morning routine and really get up and get, um, moving, then a poop stool should be on top of your to-do list.

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