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How she went from 2 periods a month to an easy 4 day flow with no PMS

IT'S HERE!! Menstrual Mastery - the official Sauvage Wellness podcast!

Menstrual Mastery features weekly wholehearted conversations with every day women about living with and overcoming period problems, fertility frustrations, and sexual health struggles by mastering their menstrual cycles and living in alignment with their bodies.

For our very first episode I'm joined by pelvic floor physical therapist, Shanna Duffy to learn WTF pelvic floor physical therapy is and how she went from having 2 periods a month to an easy 4 day flow with no pms using cycle tracking tools and natural birth control.

Okay, okay, so you can't actually have 2 periods per month, but you can have so much spotting that it feels like you're getting 2 periods a month - and, well, that sucks. A healthy menstrual cycle includes one bleed per cycle that is about 3-7 days long with occasional spotting around ovulation for 24 hours or so. That's it. That's all the bleeding. Any more bleeding or spotting and there's something going on.

When Shanna came to me, she had that feeling that "Something isn't right." She had tried everything - years of switching hormonal birth controls, diet changes, lifestyle shifts - nothing worked...

That is until she learned how to track her cycle and use her cycle tracking charts to break free from hormonal birth control AND balance her cycle!

Here's what to expect in today's episode with Shanna...

--> What a pelvic floor physical therapist is and why they're SO important for women's health (think painful intercourse relief, postpartum recovery, and more!)

--> Rock Bottom: How years of frequent spotting, bleeding, and rampant PMS impacted Shanna's confidence, sex life, and mental & emotional well-being

--> Fears, Worries, & Doubts: Shanna's biggest concerns about trying natural birth control & how she overcame them

--> The Transformation: What Shanna's cycle looks like now after 6 months of cycle tracking and ZERO hormonal birth control

--> "It was so much easier than I expected!" - What Shanna wants you to know if you're considering switching to natural birth control

If you enjoyed this episode of Menstrual Mastery, you will definitely want to check out the Natural Birth Control Academy - my group course for women who want to learn how to use cycle tracking as natural birth control so that they can break free from hormonal birth control (& a lifetime of condoms) whenever they're ready!

Early enrollment for the fall class of the Natural Birth Control Academy is now open. The course is $200 off until 10/15 and includes an epic early enrollment bonus! Our first class session is November 5th. Will I see you there?! Get all the details here!

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