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How cycle tracking helped her ditch the grind, change careers, & get her life back

In case you missed it, last week was the first-ever episode of Menstrual Mastery - the official Sauvage Wellness podcast!!

Menstrual Mastery features weekly wholehearted conversations with every day women about living with and overcoming period problems, fertility frustrations, and sexual health struggles by mastering their menstrual cycles and living in alignment with their bodies.

This week I'm joined by herbalism apprentice and one of the wildest women I know - Siobhan Mendicino. She is here to share all about how cycle tracking allowed her to reconnect to herself, live in alignment with her body, and finally feel empowered to follow her dreams.

When Siobhan and I first met she was struggling with anxiety, feeling disconnected from her body, and stuck on a career path that felt completely out of alignment with what she values most in life.

While she thought she was simply learning cycle tracking to use as natural birth control, what she got was so much more! Through her cycle tracking journey Siobhan was able to eat, move, & live in alignment with her natural hormones which allowed her to uncover what actually allows her to feel like her best self. From there she used this cycle tracking information to make self-care, relationship, and even career choices that honored her natural rhythms and allowed her to feel like her best self all month long.

She’s embarked on a new career in herbalism, revolutionized her longtime struggles with anxiety, and traded what’s convenient for what’s most fulfilling…. And she is here today to share her story with you and give you her 3 biggest tips for harnessing your natural rhythms to embark on your dream life.

Here's what to expect in today's episode with Siobhan...

--> What life was like before cycle tracking: Caught in the "grind", trying to do a million things per day, that "structured chaos" that is so common in the American way of life

--> The real life impact of hormonal birth control & a stressful lifestyle: Chronic UTI's & yeast infections, hormonal imbalance, & loads of anxiety

--> The Big Shift: How cycle tracking allowed her to SLOW DOWN, quit the grind, & reconnect to her body and core desires

--> 3 Tips for connecting using cycle tracking to harness your natural rhythms and take the first steps towards designing your dream life

--> Her go-to advice for anyone who is feeling nervous about making the switch to using natural birth control

Even before I created the Menstrual Mastery Podcast, I knew that I wanted to share Siobhan’s cycle tracking journey with all of you because she masterfully embodied a transformation that I witness all the time when working with clients. What I’m talking about here is that almost every woman who comes to me looking to learn how to use cycle tracking as natural birth control envisions getting ONE thing out of our work together and that’s a natural birth control method. BUT they are always profoundly surprised by all the incredible shifts they experience as they learn the process of cycle tracking.

They come for the birth control, but what they get is so much more. It’s wisdom. It’s empowerment. It’s knowing your body on a level you never dreamed imaginable. It’s confidence. It’s an awakening. It’s reconnecting with long-ignored parts of you - desires, dreams, core values.

I have seen women begin their cycle tracking journey for natural birth control and leave our work 6 months later with a completely new career, a new relationship, a body that feels brand new - I know it sounds a little woo-woo, but connecting to your body on this level opens up a whole new way of living.

This is the part of cycle tracking that I refer to as the wild woman awakening. And, it’s epic.

If you’re interested in learning how to start your own cycle tracking journey, you’ll want to check out the Natural Birth Control Academy course. Registration is open now until November 5th ($200 off until Oct. 15th!). This course includes everything you need to know in order to use the sympto-thermal method of fertility awareness AND two full modules of wild woman awakening work!! Get the full scoop here.

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