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Can thyroid health impact fertility?

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

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One of my favorite things about the cycle tracking method that I use and teach here at Sauvage Wellness is that it is not only a highly effective natural birth control and pregnancy achievement method, it also helps us spot hormonal imbalances that could be impacting our periods and fertility.

You might think that cycle tracking charts can only help us spot hormonal imbalances with the hormones most associated with the menstrual cycle - estrogen, progesterone, FSH, and LH - but cycle tracking charts can also help us with identifying other imbalances as well.

One of the most common imbalances that we can spot on cycle tracking charts is an underactive thyroid.

Left unchecked an underactive thyroid can impact ovulation and our ability to conceive naturally. In fact, I have clients who tried for 6+ months to get pregnant and once they signed up to work with me, learned how to track their cycles, and were able to uncover and treat an underlying thyroid imbalance they conceived in their very next cycle!

So, how does cycle tracking with the sympto-thermal method help us spot a thyroid imbalance?

By tracking basal body temperature daily.

We expect to see preovulatory temperatures in the low to mid 97 degrees Fahrenheit and postovulatory temperatures in high 97s to low to mid 98 degrees Fahrenheit. When folks require the use of a low temperature chart because they tend to have preovulatory temperatures in the 96s and postovulatory temperatures in the low to mid 97s, this can be a sign of an underactive thyroid.

When I work with a client who has to use my low temperature charts, I always recommend that they meet with their doctor to test thyroid hormones (TSH, T3, & T4).

Occasionally, temperatures run low because women are using the Temp Drop arm band thermometer which records axiliary (armpit) temperature and can run lower than traditional basal body temperature tracking with oral thermometers. I know this because I had a client with consistent and inexplicable low temperatures using Temp Drop. We reached out to the Temp Drop team and they told us that this can happen when tracking temps using Temp Drop… so now we know!

And, sometimes, some people’s temperatures just run low or run low for some other reason. However, if you’re trying to conceive or having crappy periods and you notice consistently low temperatures when cycle tracking, a great first step is to test thyroid hormone levels.

Interested in learning how to track your cycle to spot potential underlying imbalances that could be impacting your fertility or periods? You can learn more about working with me here.

Disclaimer: Brandy Oswald, Sauvage Wellness LLC, and her employees are not doctors, nurses, physicians, psychotherapists, or in anyway licensed medical practitioners and information presented here is to serve as an educational resource and not to be interpreted as: (1) medical advice; (2) a 100% effective birth control or pregnancy achievement options or (3) nutrition or health guidelines. By reading this you acknowledge that you understand that as a specialized form of consulting, fertility awareness education is not the same as professional or licensed therapy or medical advice and intervention; and recognize that it is your responsibility to seek such services from a licensed professional. Brandy Oswald is not a medical provider and cannot give medical advice. All information provided by Sauvage Wellness LLC and Brandy Oswald is of a general nature and is intended only for educational purposes to help with your personal health improvement goals and should not be relied on as medical advice. Always consult a physician with any health concerns and prior to changing your diet, lifestyle, supplements, birth control, fitness, or prescription medicine routine. Should you choose to use the information provided by Brandy Oswald it is of your own volition and you recognize that neither Brandy nor Sauvage Wellness LLC is not held liable for any intended or unintended outcomes.

All viewers hereby WAIVE AND RELEASE Brandy Oswald and Sauvage Wellness LLC from any claim, demand, cause of action of any kind resulting from or related to my participation in classes, workshops, and all service offerings provided by Brandy and Sauvage Wellness. As a view you hereby acknowledge that you are fully responsible for any and all risks, injuries, or damages, known or unknown, which might occur as a result of your participation.

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