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The Menstrual Cycle Goddesses - Who they are & Why they are important

Updated: Sep 28

We often think about the phases of the menstrual cycle as very physical events - preparing to ovulate, ovulating, preparing to bleed, bleeding. We even try to tend to each phase very physically with foods, workouts, and activities that are aligned with each phase.

BUT - Did you know that there’s actually A LOT more to living in alignment with the phases of your cycle?

It’s true.

Each cycle has its physical needs, sure, but the phases all have their own energetic needs as well.

When we ignore the energetic needs of the shifting phases of our menstrual cycles we’re still living out of alignment.

There are two main ways that I work with the energetic phases of the menstrual cycle.

The first is through the seasons of nature - spring, summer, winter, & fall

The second is through the menstrual cycle goddesses, or archetypes - the Maiden, the Mother, the Enchantress/the Wild One, the Crone.

Today we’re talking about the menstrual cycle goddesses.

For those who don’t know the physical phases of the menstrual cycle are…

> Follicular Phase - when the ovarian follicles are preparing for ovulation after the menstrual bleed ends

> Ovulation Phase - when the ovarian follicles are ripe & mature, ready to burst

> Luteal Phase - when the egg has already been ovulated, died off, and the body begins its descent back towards menstruation

> Menstrual Phase - when we’re bleeding, shedding the uterine lining that grew during the cycle

So where do the menstrual cycle goddesses fit?

Follicular Phase = the Maiden

Ovulation Phase = the Mother

Luteal Phase = the Enchantress / Wild One

Menstrual Phase = the Crone

Let’s break it down a little more…

The Maiden -

Our follicular phase is the spring of our cycle and represented by the Maiden. This phase is all about youthfulness, playfulness, and lightness. It’s the energy of a 12 year old girl frollicking through a lavender field.

Think about it - Doesn’t it feel light, freeing, and playful the week or so after your period ends?!

The Mother -

The ovulation phase is the summer of our cycle and represented by the Mother. This phase is all about outward energy - radiating - much like a mother GIVES outwardly. It’s also the peak of fertility in the cycle filled with the potential for creating new life, just like the Mother goddess. The vibes are caring & nurturing, but also sexual to give way to creating new life should we desire to embody the Mother both physically and energetically.

The Enchantress / Wild One -

The luteal phase is the fall of our cycle and represented by the Enchantress and/or the Wild One depending on what resonates with you. I used to only work with the Enchantress, but once I discovered the Wild One it was so obvious that her vibes were written all over the luteal phase too. This phase is all about owning all that you are, being in your essence, and sovereignty. It’s a mix of royal Queen energy and wandering forest nymph vibes. It’s sensual, alluring, and - if we’re being honest - too much for people who want women to look cute, be nice, and follow the rules.

This is also traditionally the “pms phase” of the menstrual cycle, but I’m here to tell you that pms is a sign of hormonal imbalance and DISTRACTS you from being able to embody the wild, freeing, confident vibes of the luteal phase, Enchantress, and Wild One. Fix that pms BS so that you can feel the fullness of this incredible phase of the menstrual cycle. (You can work with me to ditch pms here if you want to get after it!)

The Crone -

The menstrual phase is the winter of our cycle and represented by the Crone. Look, both menstruation and the Crone get a real bad rep so I’m here to debunk that hardcore. Your period is a dark phase, just like winter is a dark season. That’s okay. We do not need to be afraid of or dislike the darkness that life offers. There is wisdom in the darkness. There can be gifts in the shadows. We must go into the darkness to emerge in a new light. Just like we must bleed each month to start a new cycle.

We’ve been taught that darkness is not as good as light and that bleeding is not as good as not bleeding. But that’s a bunch of crap.

When you know how to embrace, honor, and LEARN from your bleed you truly look forward to its wisdom every month.

So what about the Crone?

She’s dark, rough, mysterious, borderline scary. She’s not the cute, playful vibe of the Maiden or the caring, nurturing vibe of the Mother. She’s raw, she’s real, and she really doesn’t care what you think. If this isn’t the vibe of being on your period I don’t know what is.

I can’t help but think about how much fuller our lives would be if we were better at sourcing wisdom from the dark phases of our lives - phases of loss, shedding, release, and endings - all the things that our periods are.

It’s time to stop running from our periods, the Crone, and the dark phases of life and LEAN INTO their lessons.

This week I invite you to comment and let me know if you’ve ever felt any of these energies in your own menstrual cycles AND which ones you tend to run towards and the ones you tend to run from.

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