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The Moon & Your Menstrual Cycle

Today on the podcast I have a very special guest Mandy Sciacchitano! Mandy is a certified life coach and breathwork facilitator who specializes in helping people come home to their truest selves by uncovering the magic and miracles and healing power inside their bodies and in nature. In her membership community, The Deep End, she marries breathwork and the cycles of the moon to empower people who are on self-growth and self-healing journeys.

Mandy and I have been friends in the online entrepreneur community for YEARS now and I am so excited to have her here with us today for an inspiring conversation on the power of breathwork and connecting to the moon cycles. We’ll also dive into the connection between the moon & our menstrual cycles and if syncing our periods with the moon is really a thing!

Here's what you'll get in today's special guest episode...

> Why breathwork as a healing practice is not "just breathing" & how Mandy uses it in her practice with her clients

> The benefits of breathwork as a healing practice

> A deep dive into the phases & energetics of the moon cycle

> How your menstrual cycle & the moon cycle are innately, wildly interconnected

> A SPECIAL EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT! ((Think moon cycles + menstrual cycles + the seasons of nature... and the wild ways they are all connected!))

Are you excited to learn more about the connection between your menstrual cycle, the moon cycle, & the seasons of nature? If so, you won’t want to miss my upcoming Seasons of the Menstrual Cycle workshop on August 17th for Mandy’s Deep End Membership Community!

To join the workshop, simply head to the membership website here, join the membership community, and you’ll get FREE access to this empowering, soulful menstrual health workshop.

And in the meantime, I’m currently accepting free consults for August for my 1-on-1 practice. To reserve one head to and choose the option that best fits your needs or head to the link in my bio @sauvagewellness on Instagram.

Thank you so much for joining me for another episode of the Menstrual Mastery Podcast! It has been such a pleasure to deep dive with Mandy Sciacchitano into the mystical world & wild connection between the moon & our menstrual cycle.

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Thank you again for joining me today! I am your host Brandy Oswald. Until next time, Happy bleeding!

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