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What happens at a Women's Circle

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Recently, I have felt a calling,

A yearning,

A deep-rooted primal instinct,

For resurrecting sacred spaces where women can gather

In sisterhood + celebration

Of our bodies, our intuition, and our deep-rooted menstrual power.

These safe + sacred female spaces long ago existed for our ancestors,

Only to be destroyed by the masculine fear of the empowered female.

Our ancestors were burned at the stake for harnessing the power of herbal medicine, celebrating their bodies, & connecting deeply with their primal wisdom.

Their bleeds were feared, labeled dirty & dangerous.

Their intuition was feared, labeled a tool of the devil.

Their medicinal ways were feared, labeled satanic witchcraft.

And we see the impacts of this feminine destruction and demonization still today in our modern world…

We’re taught that our periods are the painful, inconvenient curse of being a woman.

We’re taught to hide our “dirty, disgusting” bleeds at all costs.

We’re taught to ignore the natural rhythms of our cycling bodies so that we can operate at maximum capacity 24/7.

We’re taught that our bodies can’t be trusted to carry out our superpower of pregnancy and childbirth without the intervention of man (read: our patriarchal medical system).

We’re taught that menopausal women are dried up old ladies who should fade into the background of life.

This breaks my heart,

But it also inflames my soul.

I refuse to let this be our lineage, our legacy.

I refuse to let another generation of women go on believing that they are not a powerful, important, damn-near mystical being.

And, just how do I plan to do that?

By resurrecting the ancient practice of the WOMEN’S CIRCLE.

Our ancestors used to gather to celebrate, honor, & embrace the magic of being born in the feminine form.

Red tent gatherings to honor their monthly bleeds.

Mother blessings to celebrate a new mother’s transition from maiden to mother.

Bridal blessings to celebrate a woman’s journey into her role as wife.

Menarche gatherings to celebrate a young girl’s first menstrual bleed.

Menopause/Crone gatherings to honor & celebrate a woman’s final menstrual bleed and transition into her role as the wise woman in her community.

Full moons, new moons, solstices, & more - women have been gathering.

We stopped because THEY were afraid of our power.

Now, we begin again because WE will no longer deny our power.

So what exactly is a women’s circle?

It’s an intentional gathering of women in a space that feels special in order to honor, celebrate, or embrace rites of passage of the feminine and natural worlds.

Women Circles are hosted to honor & align with the moon cycle (think: new moon & full moon circles), to celebrate a rite of passage (think: first menstruation, pregnancy, motherhood, marriage, menopause, and birthdays), and to SEE and support one another through life’s challenges (think: break-ups, new jobs, moves, and death of loved ones). They are for us to celebrate, honor, and support us.

Circles are often held right at home in a woman’s backyard or living room. Sometimes they are held outside in nature by the ocean, near a lake, at the top of a mountain, or in the middle of the forest. And, other times, they are held in public spaces like yoga studios. As long as the vibe is safe, sacred, and supportive it doesn’t matter where we gather.

What happens at a women’s circle?

Women’s circles are usually beautifully adorned & decorated with plush rugs & cushions, candles, flowers, herbs, candles, crystals, and music. Circles are always based on a theme chosen with intention - whether it be embracing the current moon cycle or celebrating an important rite of passage.

Then this theme is infused into guided meditations, breathing exercises, journaling prompts, reflection & writing, sharing your experience with the group, a nature-based ritual, goddess or oracle cards, and yummy snacks, drinks, and mingling with the other women present.

Women’s Circles are for the reclamation of our wild, primal, feminine, natural cycles.

Do you know what the very first line of text on my website says?

“You, my dear, were never meant to be tamed. Home is here for the wild woman reclaimed.”

Home, I am discovering, lives in the resurrection of the women’s circle.

In a collective community of a sisterhood of support and celebration.

Now that I’ve poured out my soul to you, I want to know…

What resonates with you about participating in a women’s circle?

Comment and let me know!

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