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Why I use reusable period products...

In the quest to live more naturally and sustainably, we’re often great at overhauling our diets, ditching chemical cleaners, and trying our hand at composting. However, most of us ignore the more intimate parts of our wellness routines either because we don’t know of another way of doing things or because we are too attached to our current way of living. That’s how I felt about my period routine for so long. I trusted my pads and tampons and just assumed there was no other way to do things.

However, when I discovered the world of reusable period products it felt as if my eyes suddenly opened to an exciting new way of living - and I wanted to go all in. After 6+ years using reusable period products, I am a devotee. I shout the praises of my period panties loud and proud.

Never in a million years did I think I would be on the internet telling you about my period, my underwear, and the things I put in and around my vagina. Yet, here we are, and really I couldn’t be happier. So, today I’m giving you the inside scoop on exactly why I decided to switch to reusable period products and have never looked back.

To keep bloody pads and tampons from contaminating our planet.

In my early twenties I started researching natural living and sustainability. Slowly I began shifting my habits in order to live a healthier life and leave a positive impact on the planet. From composting to ditching plastic, from shopping second hand to buying local - I started softening my impact on our planet. However, after a few years, I realized there was one area of my life that I had conveniently left out of my sustainability shift - my period. After crunching the numbers I noticed that I, alone, could keep nearly 200 tampons a year out of our landfills by switching to reusable period products. Seriously, I did the math…

If the average period is five days long with two heavy days, one medium day, and two light days and a heavy day includes 4 tampons and an overnight pad, a medium day includes 3 tampons and an overnight bad, and a light day includes 2 tampons and an overnight liner a person would use 15 tampons, 3 pads, and 2 liners in one month. That’s 180 tampons, 36 pads, and 24 liners in one year alone! Yikes!

To keep synthetic pads and tampons away from my vagina.

Not only did I want to keep those pads and tampons away from our landfills, I also wanted to keep them away from my vagina. With a few late-night research binges I discovered that the average pad contains more than four plastic shopping bags full of plastic, irritating artificial fragrances, and have been bleached with chlorine bleach prior to be pressing them up against my sensitive lady parts. I also learned that traditional tampons, too, are chock full of synthetic materials, fragrances, and bleaching. And, those I was shoving right up inside my body. WTF.

My friend got toxic shock syndrome from using a tampon and the skin on her hands literally started falling off

To be honest, this was the biggest influence in my decision to ditch tampons. We all know it’s a possibility. It even says that it is on every single box of tampons we buy, and yet medical practitioners around the world play it off like toxic shock syndrome is unheard of. The truth is that it is not. It happened to one of the people I love most in the world. Toxic shock is real and deadly. Following this experience I decided that I was no longer willing to risk a deadly illness every time I had my period.

Now onto the good stuff…

Reusable period products are the most comfortable period products I’ve ever used.

Before using THINX period panties and other reusable period products I used to dread getting my period. It felt like a gigantic, uncomfortable inconvenience. It was a week of cramming tampons into my vagina, walking around with bulky pads, and wearing the grossest panties I owned. Nothing about that sounds cute or comfortable. Since using THINX I never have to shove dry tampons into my body (ouch!) or feel like I’m wearing a diaper. In fact, I get to wear sexy panties that feel almost exactly the same as my non-period underwear. Switching up my period routine was a no-brainer.

THINX makes me feel sexy on my period. Whaaaatt?!

It’s true, I do. When wearing my cute THINX panties, I actually feel sexy on my period. I feel connected to myself and to my body without any foreign objects floating around in my vagina or my underwear. It's amazing.

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