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Your Top THINX Period Underwear Questions Answered...

You want to start using THINX, you really do. You’re ready to keep tampons and pads out of our landfills. You want to start free-flowing into those comfy panties you keep seeing all over social media, but you’re feeling nervous. There are some serious questions that you need some serious answers to before you’ll feel confident enough to get started using THINX. Say no more, today I’m answering your top THINX questions so you can start your THINX journey with ease and confidence!

1. Do they really work?

YES! I am living, breathing proof that they work - and so are A LOT of my friends. I have personally been using THINX as my only period product for 6+ years, and I’ve been loving every second of it. Seriously. I never thought I could actually look forward to getting my period, but every time I order a new pair of THINX I can’t wait to start bleeding again. They really do absorb as much as they claim to on the THINX website. They are exactly as cute as they look in the pictures online. And, they are super thin, and rarely leak. While I know they use highly-researched scientific techniques to make these panties, I still feel like they use magic.

2. Can I wear them on their own or do I need a tampon?

Yes, you can wear them completely on their own. In fact, I always do. The highest absorbency styles - the hip-huggers and hi-waist - both hold up to 2 tampons worth of discharge. For me this is enough to only need one pair in the morning, a mid-day change, and a pair to sleep in on my heaviest days. On my lightest days, I wear the same pair all day long. For those with heavier flows you may find that it’s more comfortable (and less stressful) to wear THINX as backup to a tampon or cup on your heaviest days.

3. How long can I wear them for?

As long as your flow allows! Unlike tampons that can only be worn 4-6 hours before increasing the risk of serious illness like toxic shock syndrome, THINX can be worn for as long as it’s comfortable. Similarly to using pads, you only need to change THINX panties when you’ve maxed them out or have been wearing them for longer than feels good and clean.

4. What is their lifespan?

I still own and wear the first pair of THINX I ever bought back in 2014! How awesome is that?! While it depends on how often you use each pair and the intensity of your lifestyle and flow, I find that the average lifespan on my most heavily worn pairs is 3-4 years. That’s almost 50 individual periods and over 330 days of bleeding! For my light day styles, I’ve had several pairs for nearly 6 years and they still show no signs of stopping! I told you, they’re basically magic.

5. What’s the deal with the beige colored ones, don’t they stain?

I thought the same thing for way too long. I was pleasantly surprised when I bought my first pair of beige THINX that to find that the inside lining is the exact same black lining as the black panty options. I even had a small leak through when pushing the boundaries on one of my beige panties and watched it come out with ease using only a little stain remover. So, the deal with the beige colored ones is that they are cute and amazing and don’t stain. Yay!

6. How do I change them in public?

This is a question all new THINX users ask, myself included. I have found that the public swap-out method that works best for me is simply carrying a drawstring gym bag and a few extra pairs of THINX with me during my period. When I need to change in public I simply toss my used pair in the drawstring bag, slide on a clean pair, and rinse out my used pair when I get back home.

7. Am I really making that big of an environmental impact?

Hell yes. Let’s just talk averages for a moment. If the average period is five days long with two heavy days, one medium day, and two light days and a heavy day includes 4 tampons and an overnight pad, a medium day includes 3 tampons and an overnight bad, and a light day includes 2 tampons and an overnight liner a person would use 15 tampons, 3 pads, and 2 liners in one month. That’s 180 tampons, 36 pads, and 24 liners in one year alone! Yikes! With THINX you can use the same panties over and over again for years. That’s a huge impact - and you’re just one person. Imagine the difference hundreds, thousands, and millions of THINX users could have on our environment!

Now that you’re top THINX questions have been answered you can start your THINX journey full of confidence!!

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