Pregnancy & Fertility Coaching

Are you interested in getting pregnant soon, but worry about your fertility and if you'll be able to get pregnant naturally?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the pregnancy support devices - ovulation kits, LH strips, fancy fertility monitors, apps, & more - and feel confused about what you actually need?

Or maybe you're already trying to get pregnant and struggling to conceive? You're confused on when/if you've ovulated, when's the right time to try based on your cycle, and what the heck is going wrong.

Whatever the situation - you want to get pregnant naturally and start your family without a million gadgets, doctors, or hormone treatments.

I can help.

As a Fertility Awareness Instructor, I'm trained to help women like you optimize their windows of fertility, uncover potential cycle issues impacting fertility, and conceive naturally using nothing but the wisdom of their bodies.

After watching women all around me struggle to get pregnant when they were ready - resigning themselves to unwanted IVF treatments - I knew there had to be another way.


These women were exhausted and frustrated that they had spent so many years on hormonal birth control to prevent pregnancy and now - for some reason - they can't get pregnant when they really want to.

Because of my long-time use of fertility awareness methods of natural birth control, I knew that cycle tracking charts could hold the answers - for many - to why they've been struggling to conceive.

From inaccurately determining ovulation and your fertile window (Spoiler: only having sex around day 14 may not work in certain cycles!) to short post-ovulatory phases where there isn't enough time for implantation to occur, and so much more - cycle tracking provides us with powerful information not found in books or doctor offices.

In fact - the first client that I ever worked with on pregnancy achievement go pregnant on her very first try using these exact cycle tracking tools!


Know when and if you ovulate in each cycle​

Get clear on your unique fertile window & clarify the best days to have sex for pregnancy achievement

Know if your post-ovulatory phase is long enough to support implantation and what to do if it isn't

Get to throw out that mountain of ovulation kits, fertility gadgets, & not-so-helpful frantic Googling notes

Feel CONFIDENT, EXCITED, & EMPOWERED in your pregnancy efforts

  • (6) 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Brandy over 3 months (60 minutes each) to learn the cycle tracking tools, analyze your cycle tracking charts, and learn the rhythms of your unique cycle

  • The Sauvage Wellness Cycle Tracking Master Guide complete with everything you need to know about using the Sympto-Thermal Method to optimize fertility and achieve pregnancy

  • Sauvage Wellness' Charting Guidebook to help you track your cycle and fertile window with ease and accuracy

  • Between session email and text support to assist you between coaching calls

  • Coaching support through the early stages of pregnancy is pregnancy occurs during our work together!

Your coaching program investment: $900 | $300/month

((Need-based scholarships available))

How to get started:

STEP 1 - Schedule a free consult call to meet with Brandy 1-on-1 and learn more! Schedule your call here.

STEP 2 - We'll have a 30 minute call to get clear on your goals, uncover potential barriers standing in the way, & get crystal clear on if this program is a good fit

STEP 3 - If it feels like a good fit - you choose the day and time for our first official session, make your deposit, and you're in!


I got pregnant on my first try using the Sympto-Thermal Method that Brandy taught me! Within our first few weeks together, Brandy helped me to learn how to properly track my cycle - and it worked!


I've learned more about my cycle in the last 3-4 months then I ever have in my almost 25 years of life!  Before working with Brandy I was so in the dark about the suppression going on in my body regarding my hormones.


Learning how to track your cycle is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself!! I’m now able to bring my cycle tracking chart to my doctors and use it as a tool to advocate for my health care plans.

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