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1-on-1 Fertility awareness & cycle mentoring for natural birth control, pregnancy achievement, better periods, & sacred cycle wisdom

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Natural Birth Control

Want to  learn how to use FAMs as natural birth control? Work with me to learn how to use paper cycle charts and track your cervical fluid, temperature, & other cycle signs as an effective + natural birth control method. Already using FAMs, but need help with a confusing cycle scenario? I'm here for you too. Let's chat to get to know each other, make sure it's a good fit, & get you set up with your first session! 

Fertility & Pregnancy Achievement

Trying to conceive or support your fertility naturally? Work with  me to learn how to track your cycle to identify your fertile days each month, uncover imbalances that could hinder fertility, & explore how to support natural pregnancy achievement with powerful food, lifestyle, & mindset shifts. Let's chat 1-on-1 to identify your cycle needs, make sure you're feeling my vibe, & get you all set up with your first session!


Better Periods & Cycle Wisdom

Want to have easier periods and tap into the sacred wisdom of your menstrual cycle? Work with me learn how to track your cycle to uncover imbalances that can cause unwanted period symptoms, explore natural food + lifestyle shifts to create easier periods, and learn how to live in alignment with your cycle & access the wisdom of your menstrual rhythms. Let's connect to get clear on your cycle goals, make sure it's a good fit, & get you all set up with your first session!

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