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1-on-1 Fertility Awareness & Chart Review Sessions for new and experienced FAM users.

1x1 FAM & Chart Review Sessions are right for you if you meet all 3 of the following requirements:

>> You are tracking cervical fluid & temperature changes in your cycle AND using the rules of a specific fertility awareness method like Taking Charge of Your Fertility, Sympto-Thermal Method, Sensiplan, etc?

>> You already know how to use a paper cycle tracking chart for FAM purposes.

>> You want the help of an expert FAM teacher to make sure you're applying the rules of your chosen method correctly, to answer your cervical fluid & temp questions, & to help you better understand what you're seeing on your cycle charts.

*Pregnancy achievement AND natural birth control clients accepted!

Brandy's 2022 1x1 FAM & Chart Review Session Rates:


30 minute sessions - $125

60 minute sessions = $250

((Don't meet all 3 requirements above or 1x1 FAM & Chart Review Sessions?))


The Natural Birth Control Academy was made for you! Learn more here.

Next Steps:

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