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Whether you're new to Sauvage Wellness or you've been here for awhile, the Menstrual Mastery podcast is something you're definitely going to want to get in on. Here's why...

The weekly-ish podcast will be your go-to resource for real-talk conversations about birth control, sex, periods, & pregnancy. It's sex ed. like you've never seen it before!

Everything from using fertility awareness methods as natural birth control, to natural ways to ease cramps, to the healthiest condoms, to crystals, moon rituals, and does vaginal steaming really work (?!) - you'll find it all in the Menstrual Mastery podcast.

When you subscribe to the podcast you'll get...

> New episodes delivered to your inbox every week

> A *free* copy of my Cycle Tracking Starter Guide

> 2 welcome emails from me to help point you in the right direction for natural birth control, better periods, or pregnancy achievement - based on what brought you here.

((Ps. Yes, it's free!))

*If you're already on the Sauvage Wellness email list, your contact information will be updated and you will receive new episodes to your inbox each week. The other items you received when you first added your name to the list. For additional copies, please contact

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