Transitioning Off the Birth Control Pill + Synthetic Hormones

7 Steps to reclaim your natural cycle

& support your hormones

Sunday, October 13th | 10:00-11:30am

Railyard Apothecary - 270 Battery St., Burlington, VT

Registration: $30



Thinking about going off your hormonal birth control?

Ready to reconnect to your natural cycle and be back in control of your body, but you’re feeling SO nervous about life after birth control? 

Acne, painful periods, feeling crazy anxious - is that really what’s in store?​​

It doesn’t have to be.​

Join me and Hormone Specialist Coach Sara Lopez on October 13th to learn how to prepare your body for the change, what to expect once you take the leap, and how to reclaim your natural cycle and nourish your hormones after making the transition.



This event will teach you…


  • How to balance your hormones naturally to avoid things like heavy periods, painful cramps, acne, mood swings, pms, and more so that you can feel like yourself more often!

  • Simple practices to connect to your natural cycle in more aligned ways

  • How to find the best form of birth control that works for YOU (hormones, no hormones - you decide!)

  • How to connect to your body and intuition to cultivate deep trust in your choices

  • How to cultivate the confidence, and acquire the knowledge, needed to make empowered hormonal health choices

  • How to use cycle tracking to transition off of hormonal birth control (if you choose) so that you can reignite your natural cycle, connect deeply to your body, and bring your inner wild woman to life.

Expect to leave this workshop feeling confident and empowered to take the next step for you - whatever that may be. Either way, everyone will leave feeling like a knowledge powerhouse about their bodies, their cycle, and their hormonal health.​

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