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A monthly donation-based meet-up for wild women & menstruating humans who are interested in natural birth control, having better periods, & reclaiming their menstrual power.
- An In-Person Monthly Meet-Up -
2nd Saturday of every month

Next Session: Saturday, January 8th | 1:00 - 2:30pm

Location: Railyard Apothecary,
270 Battery St, Burlington, VT

By Donation | Masks Required

Reclaim your menstrual cycle


The menstrual cycle is one of the most natural things on Earth. Like the ocean tides, like the moon, we've been cycling since the beginning.

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We've been denied our menstrual power for too long. 

Taught to see our periods & menstrual cycles as inconvenient, embarrassing, painful curses.

But, what if that isn't true?

What if your period & menstrual cycle are actually signs of health that are meant to be easy & mostly comfortable?

What if your period & menstrual cycle allows you to connect more deeply to your body, tap into your intuition, and live in flow?

What if you could break free from the menstrual suppression of hormonal birth control and patriarchal BS, use your body's built-in birth control (yes, it's a real thing!), and live in alignment with your cycle rather than constantly resisting, ignoring, or shutting it down.

No more what if's. 

Allow me to show you how...

Wild Woman Mentorships

I'm a Certified Fertility Awareness Educator, the Creator of the Menstrual Mastery Podcast, & the Founder of Sauvage Wellness. I teach women around the world how to transition off of hormonal birth control, reclaim their menstrual cycles, & live in alignment with their primal feminine wisdom.

Here's a few things I want you to know...

  • I've been using fertility awareness methods of natural birth control for nearly 10 years!

  • I have 3-4 day periods that are easy, light, & mostly pain-free (after years of heavy, crazy painful, 7 day periods).

  • I believe that when we embrace the POWER + POTENTIAL of our menstrual cycles we are capable of greatness beyond measure.

  • Your period was not supposed to bring you pain & discomfort. Those are signs of imbalance. As a society we've suppressed women by normalizing the signs of hormonal imbalance.

  • You don't need big pharma "solutions" to prevent pregnancy. Your body was created with a built-in birth control method, but you were never taught how to use it. Until here + now, with me.

  • To live in alignment with your menstrual cycle is to live WILD & FREE.

Hi, I'm Brandy

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What you can expect at
the meet-ups...

Menstrual Cycle Lessons

On topics like the phases & seasons of the cycle, easing cramps, balancing hormones, irregular cycles, & more.

Fertility Awareness Lessons

On topics like cervical fluid + temperature tracking, FAMs + dating, transitioning off hormonal birth control, talking to doctors, FAMs after hormonal birth control, & more!

Fertility Awareness Q+A's

Designated Q&A time to ask any questions that have come up on your cycle tracking charts, with your period, & using natural birth control.

Period + Ovulation Rituals

Including yoni steaming, womb meditation, breast massage, cramp relief meditation, seed cycling, pelvic floor relaxation, & more.



To help you connect to your body, embrace your natural rhythms, and tap into your intuition. We'll manifest. We'll connect. We'll go deep & make magic happen.

New + Full Moon Rituals

Rituals like moon meditations, journaling practices, manifestation, spiritual connection, mantra + chants, release + let go ceremony, & more!

Menstrual Cycle Intention Setting

We'll tune into our menstrual rhythms and set intentions for each cycle to support happy hormones, better periods, the seasons of our cycle, living in alignment, & more.



Connect with other bleeding babes who, like you, want to reclaim their natural rhythms, tap into their body's built-in birth control, and live life WILD + FREE!

Sample Wild Cycles
Meet-Up Schedule

Arrive & Mingle

Opening Cycle Ceremony & Intention Setting

Introductions & Sharing our FAM backgrounds

FAM Story Time - Sharing stories about tracking our cycles

Cycle Wisdom - A lesson in FAM & menstrual cycles

Q & A Time - Ask Brandy anything!

Moon & Menstrual Cycle Ritual

Setting Monthly Menstrual Cycle Intentions

Closing Meditation

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What to bring:

>> Journal & a pen

>> Your cycle tracking charts (if you have them - not necessary!)

>> Items you like to have for rituals or meditation (like crystals, flowers, photos, etc)

>> A drink & snack if you'd like

Wild Woman

A little about me...

I'm a free spirit + wild heart meets valedictorian + CEO. 

I feels things deeply, I love hard, & I find life to be a mind-blowing adventure. But, most of all, I am obsessed with women unlocking their primal potential and setting the world on fire.

I'm a food as medicine, mindset as magic, & soul as sacred kinda girl. I will show you how to release the menstrual suppression of our modern lives, reclaim your natural rhythms, & live life as it was meant to be lived - wild + free.

But, why me? I'm glad you asked.

Photo by: Amanda Young Photography



I spent years on hormonal birth control struggling with yeast infections, low sex drive, anxiety, & digestive issues.



After years of asking doctors for natural birth control methods only to be told my choices were a lifetime of condoms or the copper IUD, I decided to go out and find my own solution.

That's when I discovered fertility awareness methods of natural birth control and my whole life changed.

By learning to track simple cycle symptoms I was able to ditch hormonal birth control nearly 10 years ago at the age of 23 and have great sex naturally. 

What's even better is that by embracing my body's natural rhythms and going off of the pill, my yeast infections cleared up, the anxiety got better, and my chronic IBS healed itself.



I was also able to use my cycle tracking charts to uncover the underlying hormonal imbalances that were causing my heavy, long, painful periods filled with PMS & breast pain so that I could address the root cause and heal my periods naturally - even when doctors said that hormonal birth control was my only option for relief!

I learned how my body works and was able to give it exactly what it needed to feel good. 

Learning how to use fertility awareness methods of natural birth control was the most empowering decision I have ever made for myself.

I've literally figured out the life hack for having better periods & great sex without hormonal birth control. (Well, it's not so much a life hack as actual science and biology!)

I wholeheartedly believe that women everywhere should have access to this powerful cycle tracking wisdom so that they can get to know how their bodies work on a fundamental level and can make the choices that feel best for their lives and their bodies.

That's why I am so excited share these cycle tracking tools and resources with you!

The Wild Cycles monthly meet-up is about providing bleeding babes with the knowledge they need to understand how their bodies work, their primal menstrual wisdom, and how to use their cycles as natural birth control, to have better periods, & to get pregnant naturally when they're ready.


Wild Cycles

- An In-Person Monthly Event -
2nd Saturday of every month

Next Session: Saturday, Jan. 8th
1:00 - 2:30pm

Location: Railyard Apothecary
270 Battery St. Burlington, VT 

Admission: By Donation

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