Wild Woman Coaching

Do you want it all - to learn how to track your cycle, prevent pregnancy naturally, get pregnant when you're ready, AND heal your period & menstrual health struggles?  ((Spoiler Alert - YES. You can have it all!))

Do you also want to learn how to reconnect with your body, harness the power of your cycle, and live in alignment with your natural, wild, rhythms?

Are you ready to tap into your intuition and harness your inner wisdom so that you can start manifesting the life you WANT and stop creating the life you don't want?

You're ready to break free from unfulfilling jobs, lackluster relationships, and limiting beliefs so that you can create the life of your dreams.

You want it all. ((We love that about you!))

The Wild Woman Coaching method was designed for women like you - who are ready to make ALL there BIG DREAMS a reality.

After decades of following the rules, ignoring my instincts, and climbing the traditional ladder of success I looked around and realized my life was, well, grey.

I was in my mid-twenties, graduated college with honors, was in my dream job, and in love with a great man - and yet I felt completely unfulfilled. There was no spark, no joy.


In this dark, joyless haze I found myself 20 lbs overweight, riddled with anxiety, struggling with eating disorders, and majorly disconnected from my body.

I had BIG dreams for my life, yet they seemed so far away. I had no idea where to start...

Then I discovered cycle tracking.

I started cycle tracking to heal the chronic yeast infections and panic attacks caused my the birth control pill while safely and naturally preventing pregnancy - but what I got was SO MUCH MORE.

Cycle tracking allowed me to reconnect with my body, honor my natural rhythms, and harness the power of my inner wild woman. 

I combined this cycle tracking awakening with my background in yoga teaching and training, mindfulness practices, lifestyle change philosophy, and intuitive self-discovery tools - and, well, I completely redesigned my life.

I quite my unfulfilling job, left a 6 year relationship with Mr-not-quite-right, and stopped dieting for good.

These days I run 2 successful businesses, just bought my first home with the love of my life, and am 20 lbs lighter than those grey, dark days of my past.

With the Wild Woman Coaching method, I show you how to create massive change in your life too.


Learn how to use the sympto-thermal double check method to prevent pregnancy naturally, get pregnant when you're ready, and balance your menstrual cycle struggles.

Be able to honor and embrace your natural rhythms and finally live in alignment with your body.

Connect deeply to your intuition, clarify your deepest desires, and start manifesting the life of your desires.

Break-free from limiting beliefs and access your inner strength and deeper wisdom

  • (18) 1-on-1 coaching sessions (60 min. each) with Brandy to walk step-by-step through the Wild Woman Coaching Method

  • The Sauvage Wellness Cycle Tracking Master Guide - your comprehensive guide to using the sympto-thermal double check method of fertilty awareness

  • The Sauvage Wellness Charting Guidebook to help you track and chart with ease and confidence

  • Ongoing email support between sessions

  • Post-session action guides to keep you focused and on track to make your dreams a reality

Your coaching program investment: $2,700 | $450/month

((Need-based scholarships available))

How to get started:

STEP 1 - Schedule a free consult call to meet with Brandy 1-on-1 and learn more! Schedule your call here.

STEP 2 - We'll have a 30 minute call to get clear on your goals, uncover potential barriers standing in the way, & get crystal clear on if this program is a good fit

STEP 3 - If it feels like a good fit - you choose the day and time for our first official session, make your deposit, and you're in!

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