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Recently, I have felt a calling,


A yearning,


A deep-rooted primal instinct,


For resurrecting sacred spaces where women can gather


In sisterhood + celebration


Of our bodies, our intuition, and our deep-rooted menstrual power.

Our ancestors used to gather to celebrate, honor, & embrace the magic of being born in the feminine form. 


Red tent gatherings to honor their monthly bleeds.


Mother blessings to celebrate a new mother’s transition from maiden to motherhood.


Bridal blessings to celebrate a woman’s journey into her new role as wife.


Menarche gatherings to celebrate a young girl’s first menstrual bleed.


Menopause/Crone gatherings to honor & celebrate a woman’s final menstrual bleed and transition into her role as the wise woman of her community.


Full moons, new moons, solstices, & more - women have been gathering.


We stopped because THEY were afraid of our power.


Now, we begin again because WE will no longer deny our power.

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A women's circle is an intentional gathering of women in a space that feels safe + sacred to honor, celebrate, and embrace the rites of passage of the feminine and natural worlds.

Circles are often held right at home in a woman’s backyard or living room. Sometimes they are held outside in nature by the ocean, near a lake, at the top of a mountain, or in the forest. Other times, they are held in public spaces like yoga studios. As long as the vibe is safe, sacred, and supportive it doesn’t matter where we gather.

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To honor & celebrate important rites of passage like...

> a young girl’s first period

> a woman’s last period

> a woman becoming a wife (bridal blessing)

> a woman’s transition into motherhood (mother blessing)

> a woman’s birthday

> supporting a woman through a challenging life event like a break-up, job loss, or death of a loved one

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Women's circles are also great for gathering together and connecting with the moon cycles, changing seasons, & other nature-based celebrations like...

> full moon circles

> new moon circles

> summer solstice

> winter solstice

> spring equinox

> autumn equinox

> other nature-based celebrations like the harvest season, the planting season, etc.

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What happens at a Women's Circle

Most Women's Circles include:

  • Cozy pillows, linens, all-natural candles of all sizes, crystals + stones, fresh-cut + dried flowers

  • Journaling, meditation, breathwork, rituals + practices, & goddess card drawings all aligned with the intention of the circle

  • Snacks, teas, & socializing

  • Anything else that your heart desires!

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Want to celebrate a woman in your life (or Y-O-U!)?

Or maybe you want to gather your ladyfriends to connect on the full moon, new moon, or solstice?

I'm here to help you make it happen!

Let's get started...

Step 1. Schedule a free consult call with me to chat about your women's circle desires & ideal dates. Schedule your *free* call here!

Step 2. I'll work with you to create the perfect women's circle to meet your needs.

Step 3. I will host + facilitate the circle & all circle activities for you at your desired location!

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