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Sauvage - French for "wild"

((pronounced SOH-VAHGE))

Sauvage Wellness is a virtual menstrual & sexual wellness clinic for wild women who...

Are tired of feeling stuck on hormonal birth control - like there are no other effective ways to prevent pregnancy.

Hate that feeling of not knowing what hormonal birth control is doing to their bodies.

Feel nervous about their fertility and/or are struggling to conceive.

Are tired of struggling with irregular periods, heavy flows, painful cramps, and raging PMS AND are fed up with doctors telling them that hormonal birth control is the only option for relief.


You want a natural birth control method that is 99% effective (source), easy to use, and embraces your natural rhythms.

You want to get pregnant easily & naturally - when you're ready.

You want lighter, less painful periods without PMS, mood swings, or acne.

You want to live life like a wild woman - in-tune with your body, following your intuition, and harnessing the wisdom on your menstrual cycle.

At Sauvage Wellness, I show you how to make this your reality.

Hi, I'm Brandy -

I'm a certified fertility awareness educator, menstrual cycle educator, and Founder of Sauvage Wellness.


I help women, just like you..

  • Make empowered choices about your sexual & hormonal health so that you can reclaim your natural cycle, reconnect to your body, and have the confidence to ditch hormonal birth control without needing a lifetime supply of condoms.

  • Get pregnant easily and ON YOUR OWN TERMS so that you don't have to spend many stressful months trying to conceive or worrying about your fertility.

  • Have a light, enjoyable period so you can get up off the couch, put away your heating pad, and stop putting your life on hold when you get your period. Think - fewer cramps, less bleeding, and more white pants ;)

  • Get your sex drive back so that you can stop feeling like there’s something wrong with you and start connecting with your partner(s).

  • Get clear, glowing skin + rocking digestion so that you can love looking in the mirror, leave the house without makeup, button up those skinny jeans, and finally feel excited to go out and rock the day.

  • Harness the power of your feminine cycles so that you can live in alignment with your body, follow your intuition, and awaken the wild woman within.


I’ll give you full access to the cycle tracking tools that could help you break free from hormonal birth control and explore the root cause of period or fertility struggles. I also guide you step-by-step through an empowered cycle wellness plan so that you can finally have comfortable periods, prevent pregnancy effectively without hormonal birth control, get pregnant when you're ready, and live in alignment with your body and intuition.

What’s even better is that I KNOW these tools work because I was my 1st client.

When I first started out trying to heal my body, I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t even know how my hormones worked. I felt frustrated and confused. All I knew was that I was breaking out in painful acne cysts, my periods were heavier than they’ve ever been, I was having chronic IBS, and I felt out of control of my body.


When I tried to share this with my doctors I was told to go on the birth control pill or IUD, but after a horrifying experience on hormonal birth control in my early twenties in which I had nearly 50 yeast infections, leaking boobs, and daily panic attacks - that was NOT an option. 


"Your blood work is normalBut, if you want to take something, the pill solves everything." Sound familiar?


Deep down I knew I wasn’t feeling "normal" and the pill would only made things worse. 


I wanted a natural solution that worked WITH my body's natural rhythms, rather than shutting them down entirely. So, I spent countless nights researching natural hormone healing; worked with naturopaths; and became a certified fertility awareness instructor, hormone specialist coach, and women's health coach.


Eventually the missing link appeared…


I had to start living like a WILD WOMAN, fully in alignment with my body's natural cycles.

After an unbearable experience on hormonal birth control in my early 20's, I learned how to use cycle tracking and fertility awareness methods of natural birth control. Not only did my cycle tracking charts allow me to prevent pregnancy naturally, but they held the answer to my chronic health struggles.


Cycle tracking revealed that I had a dangerous excess of estrogen that was wreaking havoc on my body - something birth control pills would only make worse.

As a result of cycle tracking I had become so in-tune with my body and my intuition that I knew what I had to do. Instead of altering my natural cycle with synthetic hormones as doctors suggested, I had to start living in alignment with it.

I combined a hormone supporting diet and workout routine with a complete detox of all the home and beauty products that contain dangerous hormone-disrupting chemicals. I created a science-backed healing protocol that aligned my food, movement, and supplement choices with the unique needs of my menstrual cycle - and the results were immediate.


Within weeks of supporting my hormones and living in alignment with my cycle my acne had cleared up, my periods were the lightest they’ve ever been, and I no longer felt out of control of my body.

I finally saw results:


  • I lost 25 lbs.

  • I started having the lightest periods of my life.

  • I stopped having PMS and period cramps.

  • And, I felt more in-tune with my body than ever before.​

With all the time and energy that I used to spend hiding at home frustrated with embarrassing acne, heavy periods, and hormonal chaos I was able to finally live the life I always wanted to live. I was able to:


  • Prevent pregnancy naturally using only fertility awareness methods (since 2013!)

  • Meet the love of my life (because I was no longer embarrassed to leave the house because of my acne).​

  • Travel to my dream destinations (without worrying if I'll have to deal with a heavy period or painful cramps.)


  • Start my dream business teaching women how to use natural birth control, have better periods, & get pregnant naturally all while balancing their hormones and live fully in alignment with their bodies (because living in alignment with my cycle awakened my inner wild woman who was dying to break free from the 9-5 grind)

Today I work with highly motivated women, just like you, in 1-on-1 consultations, group programs, and virtual courses to walk them step-by-step through the exact cycle tracking, fertility awareness, and hormone healing tools that have transformed my life and the lives of my clients from around the world.



Together we explore what's at the root of your cycle struggles and design a personalized plan to put YOU back in charge of your health and your body so that you can live your dream life too.

To get radically different results, you have to try a radically different approach.

When you…


Create new habits,


Honor your body,


And, awaken your wild,


You break free.


You reclaim your confidence.


You finally become the you that you’ve always wanted to be.


This is exactly what I help you do.


Are you ready to reconnect to your cycle & reclaim your wild ways?





Step 1. Download my free Cycle Tracking Starter Guide.



Step 2. Learn more about working with me for Natural Birth Control, Period & Wild Woman Mentorships, and Pregnancy & Fertility.


Step 3. Schedule a FREE info session with me to learn how fertility awareness methods could help you break free from hormonal birth control, have better periods and get pregnant naturally when you're ready. Click here to get on my calendar and I'll set aside time just for you! 


I can’t wait to meet you!


Brandy's Training & Credentials

Fertility Awareness Teacher Training (Natural Family Planning Teacher), Natural Family Planning Teachers Association (NFPTA)


Certified Personal Coach, WellCoaches

Certified Hormones Specialist, Institute of Transformational Nutrition

Women's Healing Arts Teacher, Maia University

Labor Doula, Birthworks (in progress)

Childbirth Educator, Birthworks (in progress)

Lactation Educator, CAPPA (in progress)

Sustainable Business Strategy Certification, Harvard Business School

500 HR Registered Yoga Instructor, Yoga Vermont

Aligned Female Entrepreneur Graduate, Krissy Leonard Inc.