Master your menstrual cycle so that you can break free from pms, painful cramps, and heavy periods

Thursday, March 5th | 7:00 - 8:00pm EST


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Learn to nourish your body and support your cycle for lighter, less painful periods naturally without prescription drugs or birth control hormones.

What you’ll learn in this FREE deep dive workshop…


  • How your menstrual cycle actually works so that you can harness its power and use it to your advantage rather than letting it wreak havoc on your body

  • The #1 contributing factor to pms, painful periods, and heavy flows - You’ve experienced pms, cramps, and heavy bleeds for years, but have you ever learned WHY? We’ll uncover the surprising cause, what triggers it, and what you can do about it.

  • The sneaky link between inflammation AND pms, painful cramps, and heavy periods. - You’ll learn how to use your diet as medicine for healing these frustrating period problems.

  • How stress deprives you of the EXACT hormone you need to break free from pms, painful periods, and heavy flows - Yes, stress plays a major role! I’ll share my 2 step process for calming stress and easing the nervous system so your period problems are a thing of the past.


“Since working with Brandy I’ve learned more about my cycle  than I have in the other 25 years of my life! Before working with Brandy I was so in the dark about how suppressed my hormones were which was affecting SO much in my life - things that weren’t even related to my cycle.


As a result of working with Brandy…

  • I learned how to naturally reduce period pain

  • I eased my PMS symptoms

  • I increased my sex drive

  • I have more energy mid-way through my cycle

  • I healed my life-long migraines!

- Alicia

Former VIP Coaching Client

- About Brandy -


Brandy spent nearly a decade at doctor appointments trying to heal her lifelong hormonal struggles - from period problems, to thyroid cancer, to anxiety and acne - nothing worked.


After doing it THEIR way, she decided she was done with all the pills, diets, and birth control hormones. It was time to do things her way.


In just 6 months Brandy completely redesigned her hormonal health naturally using nothing but easy food-based changes, a few vitamin and mineral supplements, and simple lifestyle shifts. These days she has the lightest, most pain-free periods of her life with ZERO PMS or acne.

With relief from debilitating periods and hormonal struggles, Brandy was able to have the energy and confidence to live a BIG life. She launched her own businesses, bought her first home, and traveled the world.


After experiencing the profound impact that healing her hormones had on her life, Brandy made it her life’s work to help other women heal their periods, balance their hormones, and live their BIG lives too. 


Brandy is the Founder of Sauvage Wellness and the creator of the Cycle Wisdom course, and the Wild Woman Coaching method where she has helped women around the world reclaim their hormonal health, use their cycles as natural birth control, achieve pregnancy when ready, and harness their inner wild woman to design the life and careers of their dreams.



How To Call In To The Workshop

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2. Our virtual workshop will be on March 5th from 7-8pm EST. Please sign in 10 minutes early if you have not used Zoom before. It may take a few minutes to get set up using zoom prior to accessing our workshop meeting room.

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