I am so excited to meet you - and I want to make it easy for us to work together. That's why I offer both coaching programs and 1-on-1 office hour sessions that are designed to meet you exactly where you're at.


Still on hormonal birth control? That's cool. Never tracked your menstrual cycle before? No problem. Want to get pregnant, but not right now? Perfect. Find the program that highlights what you want to learn and our coaching work will begin right where you are today.

Ready to start using natural birth control immediately? Amazing. Been tracking your menstrual cycle for years? Love it. Ready to get pregnant asap? Exciting! You are definitely in the right place.

Not sure if you're ready for a full coaching program commitment? Returning client? 1-on-1 Office Hours were made for you.

I want you to feel excited, confident, and empowered to begin our work together which is why I offer need-based scholarships and payment plans - because this is powerful wisdom that ALL women should have access to.

Office Hours

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

*By appointment only.

$175 - 60 minute session ($150 returning clients)

$265 - 90 minute session ($245 returning clients)

((Need-based payment options available))

Personalized 1-on-1 coaching sessions designed to meet you wherever you're at - natural birth control support, pregnancy achievement, menstrual health, strengthening your wild woman connection - these sessions do it all. 

Office hours are designed for on-the-spot coaching for new clients who are curious about this work AND returning clients who are needing some additional support.

Natural Birth Control Program

10 sessions over 3 months

$1,275 | Payment Plan: $425/month

((Need-based scholarships available))

((Incoming clients newly off of hormonal birth control

will require 3 additional sessions. $1,500 total investment))

In this program you will learn:

  • The Sympto-Thermal Double Check Method of natural birth control to prevent pregnancy naturally

  • How to get pregnant when you're ready (if you're interested)

  • How to use your cycle tracking charts to have lighter, less painful periods and less pms too.

  • How to step into your personal power & be able to make empowered, CONFIDENT hormonal health decisions

  • Learn how to connect to your body and live in alignment with your cycle so that you can fully tap into your intuition, deepest desires, and experience more flow in your cycle and your life.

Pregnancy & Fertility Program

6 sessions (60 min. each) over 3 months

$900 | Payment Plan: $300/month

((Need-based scholarships available))

What you get:​​

  • Learn how to use the Sympto-Thermal Method to optimize fertility and achieve pregnancy​​

  • Learn how to use your cycle charts to spot potential barriers to pregnancy achievement & natural food and lifestyle tools to maximize fertility​

  • Expert support with troubleshooting cycle issues before pursuing invasive options like IVF​

  • Coaching support through early stages of pregnancy (and beyond, if desired!) to make the transition from trying to expecting easy, uncomplicated, and EXCITING!

Menstrual & Hormonal Health Coaching Program

6 sessions (60 min. each) over 3 months

$900 | Payment Plan: $300/month

((Need-based scholarships available))

*Program customizable to your unique needs.

​What you get:

  • Learn how to track your cycle to uncover potential causes of your menstrual health struggles

  • A personalized protocol for finding relief from period problems naturally using powerful food and lifestyle shifts

  • Expert knowledge on how your cycle works and how to support your hormonal health naturally in a way that works WITH your body​

  • The tools to break free from hormonal birth control as the "only" solution to your painful periods, heavy flows, acne, and more

Wild Woman Coaching

10 sessions (60 min. each) over 3 months

$1,500 | Payment plans available

What you get:

  • Tools to harness the power of your menstrual cycle in order to live in alignment with your body and your cycle

  • Tools to cultivate a deeper connection to your intuition and harness your inner wisdom so that you can start manifesting the life you WANT and stop manifesting the life you don't want

  • A personalized protocol for living in alignment with your body and your core desires so that you can break free from unfulfilling jobs, relationships, and limiting beliefs and create the life of your dreams.

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